Post study work visa in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA

Post-study work rights in the UK, Australia, Canada,New Zealand, and the USA

Pursuing your higher education in a foreign land is as exciting as landing your dream job. But are you wondering how it's going to benefit you once you graduate? We'll tell you how. Among many other benefits, acquiring a post-study work visa will be beneficial to you once you graduate from your favourite university after investing immense time, eff...

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Canada Travel Restrictions and Requirements for Filipino Students

Canada Travel Restrictions and Requirements
for Filipino Students

Some good news is almost here to bring hope to Filipino students! As travel restrictions and requirements in Canada are being altered, Universities in Canada are regaining their normalcy with improved practices. Students can now go back to enjoy the physical classroom environment with new restrictions and safety regulations. If you think that study...

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Plan for your study abroad journey this fall 2021

The current global situation has put a long halt to international travel and many students' study abroad aspirations. As things gradually move towards the positive side, the scope for international education is also being revived. It would be a sound decision to not push your plans and work smartly towards your educational goals, with the restricti...

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Why Study Veterinary Course Abroad?

Do you love helping animals as much you love playing with them? Then Veterinary Courses are for you! You can choose from a number of courses such as Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc & AH), BVSc in Animal Production & Management or, BVSc in Veterinary Medicine, Public Health & Hygiene to begin your journey as a...

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Exams Required to Study in the UK

The United Kingdom is a popular study destination among international students. Almost 18 universities in the world's top 100 rankings at the QS World University Ranking are in the UK. While the country offers a fantastic cultural experience, international exhibition, and world-class qualifications, students may be required to take up standardised ...

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Unleash the Cooking Master in You

Students wanting to fulfil their passion in cooking, improve their techniques and build a rewarding career will no doubt benefit in taking Commercial Cooking course. Completing the course will open various pathways to achieve success in this exciting global industry.

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Study in Ontario: A Student Hub

Home to a number of prestigious colleges and schools, Ontario offers international students with a big city experience while also making them feel at home. The diverse province is noted for its inclusive approach and friendly attitude which attracts international students from all over the world. Universities in Ontario are well-known for welcoming...

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Elevate Your Career With a Masters in Canada: Requirements & Fees

Hosting over 600,000 overseas students, Canada is a haven for international students wanting to pursue their higher studies and set foot into a promising future. Aside from the country's reputable institutions and diverse cultures, Canada is the second largest country in the world, and the government is constantly welcoming Filipino students to stu...

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5 Booming Technology Careers in Canada for International Students

Whether you want to study cybersecurity or cloud computing, Canada welcomes Filipino students to study, research, and paves the way to becoming a successful professional in Canada year and year. Did you know? Canada is the 6th largest cybersecurity innovation hub globally, and the country has taken strategic steps to recognise the importance of AI ...

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Why study Mechanical Engineering? Benefits of Studying Mechanical Engineering Abroad

With many career opportunities and courses, mechanical engineering is one of the most sought-after engineering courses for students from all over the globe. Did you know? 3,00,000+ Filipino students are studying abroad, out of which over 20% of them have chosen to study an engineering course. Unlike other courses, the benefits of studying mechanica...

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A Quick Tour: Why Study in Ontario?

Canada, widely regarded as the best overseas destination for international students, is ranked first in the world for its modern infrastructure, friendly people, and fun atmosphere, making it an ideal place to study and work. While Canada has a wide and beautiful natural landscape, its highly productive cities are transforming the country into a gl...

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Why Choosing the Right Education Agent Makes all the Difference?

Studying abroad is a decision that needs analysis of several aspects before you finally decide a country, course, and the university. There are several questions that you and your parents need an answer to. Where to study, which university would be right, what course would be perfect based on your interest and career goals, and what is the process ...

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Future Opportunities For Your Child: Choose Canada

Canada, known as the "land of opportunity," is the ideal overseas destination for Filipinos looking to create a prosperous future. Canada is known for its modern infrastructure, amiable people and an environment that pleases everyone. It can be regarded as one of the best countries to study and live in. For parents keen on searching for a study des...

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English Proficiency Test Comparision: IELTS vs PTE vs TOEFL vs OET vs CAE. Which One is Right for You?

If you are planning to work and stay in an English-speaking country or have applied to an English-speaking academic institution, you must prove your ability to understand English language as a non-native English speaker. There is a wide range of English proficiency tests available to you.

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Canada to grant post-study work permit for international students

Last week, Canadian Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino, had announced that International students enrolled in Canadian post-secondary institutions can now complete their programmes completely online and still be eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Program (PGWP).

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Things to know while choosing to pursue a hospitality and tourism management degree

Things to know while choosing to pursue a hospitality and tourism management degree

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about travelling and spending your leisure time at a posh luxurious hotel? Does communicating with multicultural people from walks of life intrigue you? Has planning a holiday for a large group of people been an easy task for you?

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Canada tightens quarantine rules, keeps borders open

Owing to the increase in the spread of more infectious Covid-19 variants, on January 29, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had announced that in the coming few weeks, international travellers must adhere to additional testing and quarantine rules. They must take a Covid-19 test upon their arrival in Canada.

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Institutions to enrol in a master's course in Canada - 2021

Having been known for its diverse cultures, Canada houses international students from multicultural communities, allowing students from all walks of life to enjoy their stay and study seamlessly. 

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How to study with a student education loan in Canada?

Having been one of the most desired study destinations amongst international students for over a decade, Canada and its government offers a safe environment and enables the process of applying for a student education loan in Canada for international students in the country seamlessly. 

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4 Entry Requirements to Study in Australia

Preparing to study overseas evokes a range of different emotions among aspiring international students. Most individuals feel excitement for the adventure that awaits them at their study destination, others feel the pressure of completing the requirements to study in Australia. But if not done properly, incomplete applications may cause delay, unsuccessful admission to the university, or even visa refusal.

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