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Dentistry Overview

If you study dentistry abroad, it will offer you the technical expertise and personal attributes you need to be a dentist. Dentistry courses teach you everything you need to know regarding oral health, besides helping you gain people skills and master surgical techniques. In most countries, dentistry is taught over the course of four to five years.

To work as a dentist abroad, it is a must to attend dental school for a relevant degree and meet country-specific dentistry requirements. For instance, in the United Kingdom, you will also have to hold a GCC-approved Bachelor of Dental Surgery and complete postgraduate dental training to be a dentist. In this regard, almost every country is similar to the UK.

An undergraduate qualification in dentistry, such as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, is a must in some nations to attend dental college for a specialised degree in this field. However, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, it is possible for you to straight away pursue an undergraduate degree in dentistry over the course of five years.

Why Study Dentistry Abroad?

If you decide to study dentistry abroad, you will have a lot of benefits, including the ones listed below:

A Great Range of Academic Options

Studying abroad allows you to pick from a wider range of prestigious dental medicine schools. It is not easy to get into a top dentistry program abroad, so it pays to apply to many institutions to boost your chances. 

High Salaries

Another reason to think about enrolling in a dentistry course abroad is that dental health professionals earn a lot. Wages may vary by your location, industry, and dental specialty, but working in prosthodontics, orthodontics, or dental surgery will allow you to have higher earnings as compared to other fields. For instance, in the US, the salary of a dentist can be anywhere between $150,000 and $240,000 or so.

For Further Understanding

It takes patience to work with people from cultural backgrounds that are different from yours. You will interact with people from different cultures when you study dentistry abroad. Learning the best ways to communicate with others will help you interact with patients more effectively.

More Access to Technology

In many nations, you can access interesting research and pieces of technology, such as AI, the IoT, robotics, and 3D imaging, that could go a long way in your dentistry career. If you study dentistry at a university in one of those nations, you can access opportunities to try things that might otherwise be unavailable to you and gain unique skills. This might be the case if your dentistry course abroad involves activities at a technologically advanced hospital or clinic that works closely with your higher education provider.

Requirements to Study Dentistry Abroad

In order to attend dental school in a different nation, you will have to satisfy the admission requirements of the institution where you plan to study. The dentistry course requirements will vary depending on where you want to study dental medicine. You may only use the following as general information.

  • Successful completion of Year 12 with good grades in biology and chemistry
  • Good scores in an English proficiency test, such as IELTS or TOEFL
  • Academic references that are relevant to dentistry
  • A bachelor’s qualification in an area that relates to dentistry (for education in the USA)
  • Completion of the Dental Admissions Test (to be able to study in the US)
  • Some amount of work experience
  • Personal interview Courses Duration Requirement

Bachelor’s in dentistry

Up to 5 years
  • Successful completion of Year 12 or a bachelor’s degree (subject to country)
  • A satisfactory score in an English proficiency test

Master’s in dentistry

Up to 2 Years
  • Bachelor’s in an oral health-related field
  • An acceptable score in an English language proficiency test

Career Prospects and Scope of Dentistry Abroad

Here, we will list out career paths directly associated with dentistry and jobs where it is potentially useful to have a degree in dentistry. Several employers in the oral health industry invite graduates who have aesthetic dentistry or any other relevant degree major to apply for their jobs. Therefore, try not to limit your options to the following.

Jobs Directly Related to Dentistry

  • Dental therapist
  • Dental technician
  • Dentist
  • Dental hygienist

Career Paths Where A Dentistry Degree Can Be Useful

  • Health improvement practitioner
  • Anatomical pathology technologist
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Health service manager
  • Primary school teacher
  • Medical sales representative
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Science writer
  • Teaching laboratory technician

Best Countries to Study Dentistry Abroad

There are many equally good countries to study abroad. You may be better off choosing a location that best fits your requirements. You can earn an internationally recognised dentistry qualification from a university in almost every nation. Therefore, a vast majority of dental health professionals around the world recommend pursuing an internationally recognised degree in dentistry.

Great dental health professionals come from every nook and corner of the globe. Therefore, to decide on the best study destination, you need a metric that probably works more as a tiebreaker. From a university ranking standpoint, for instance, the USA and the UK rank highly. That said, you may also choose to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s in dentistry in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.


Head to us if you want to acquire more in-depth information about these study destinations, the best countries to study in, or the best universities to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on whether you are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in dentistry abroad. You will usually have to study for five years for the bachelor’s degree, whereas the master’s qualification will only require up to three years of study.

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