Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a PR in Australia

The melting pot down under, Australia is an exceptional country to settle down. Ranked by the United Nations as the second-best country in the world for its quality of life, Australia unceasingly attracts international skilled workers to migrate and to make their dreams realized.

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Ten Reasons to Study in Sydney

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales (NSW) is the largest city in Australia. Also, home to the famous world icon, the Opera House, Sydney takes pride in its many achievements as one of the top destination for international students.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Filipino students Should Do An Internship in Australia

As a Filipino student in Australia, you might be interested in bagging a well-paid job in the country. In a competitive but rewarding job market like Australia's, the key to becoming a highly employable graduate is to make your resume stand out from that of your peers. An internship is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself by bettering your ...

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The university grading system across the Australian States

Over the years, Australia has been a popular study location for students abroad. According to reports, seven Australian cities have been named the 'Best Student Cities' (QS 2022), based on the amenities available to students. You can choose from a variety of internationally recognised courses, and you'll be the most sought-after candidate for emplo...

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Top 10 Benefits of Getting a PR in Australia

The melting pot down under, Australia is an exceptional country to settle down. Ranked by the United Nations as the second-best country in the world for its quality of life, Australia unceasingly attracts international skilled workers to migrate and realise their dreams. If you are wondering how permanent residency in Australia can impact your life...

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Best Things To Do in Toronto the capital of Ontario | Canada

Toronto, Canada's most multicultural and cosmopolitan city is widely regarded as the "coolest Canadian city", portraying a combination of the bustling city life with exotic natural landscapes. The inclusion of talented musicians, professional sports teams, beautiful conservation areas, and welcoming people from different ethnic groups adds to its c...

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General Skilled Migration (GSM): Cracking the PR Code via the Points Test

Have the drive to stay in Australia? Not sure how to upgrade your points to get a PR? The General Skilled Migration or GSM approval, under the ambit of the DHA is the key. General Skilled Migration, heavily relies on your score in the Points Test (except for Subclass 485, 476 and 887 visas) and which in turn counts on your skills and experience. Being a student alone does not make you General Skilled Migration eligible.

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9 Things You Should Know About Your Temporary Work Skilled Visa (457 Visa)

Understanding your temporary work skilled visa (457 visa) will not only protect your rights as an employee but also maximize the potential in achieving your permanent residency goals.

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5 Things to Consider When Changing Your Course or University Abroad

As an international student, making crucial decisions relating to your studies is part of your education journey in Australia. Examples of which can be pursuing a higher degree after completing your studies or deciding to change your course abroad or move on to another education provider.

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4 Key Points to Remember When Changing Course, Level and University Under Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

What if I decide to pursue a different field of study? Am I allowed to do that? Do I need to get a new student visa? These are only a few of the questions an international student like yourself would ask once you’ve made a decision to shift to a new course, level or education provider.

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Iron Program in Australia: Fast Track Your Nursing Career

Are you an international qualified nurse and looking to start your nursing career in Australia IRON program could be your best option to bridge your registration & kick start your Australian career.

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6 Things About Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass- 485)

Popularly known as TR, this visa type allows international students who have recently completed their studies at an Australian educational institution to live, study, and work in Australia. Applicants may be awarded a visa for 18 months to 4 years depending on the stream applied for.

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Benefits of Studying at Charles Darwin University

The International Student Support Team of Charles Darwin University supports students in all aspects of their experience of living and studying in Australia. Some areas including the extension of post-study work rights and the support system for students (during the pandemic) make them a forerunner in helping students study in Australia and look after their life as graduates in Australia seamlessly. 

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Australian Education System for International Students Overview

What comes to your mind when you think of Australia?

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Do You Actually Know How International Student Health Insurance in USA Works?

Budgeting and managing expenses is a common concern for most international students who aspire to study abroad. Expenses related to tuition fees, monthly accommodation, your transportation charges, food expenses and other extra expenses maybe a little more than expected, and if not planned wisely, it may result in stress and confusion. In addition ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Studying Nursing in Canada

Canada’s demand for nurses is one of the prominent factors inspiring international students to pursue a Nursing course and be a part of the reputed Canadian healthcare system. With changing trends, a vast majority of registered nurses worldwide...

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Top 10 Short-Term Courses Abroad For International Students

Want to make the best use of your term break? We have the perfect solution for you! Top universities across the globe are offering international students to learn a new course for a fraction of the time. International students can enroll in summer or winter courses to gain new skills and improve their knowledge. Short-term courses are becoming incr...

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Top 6 Highest-Paying Jobs in the USA

Choosing the right career path is one of the most critical aspects of our lives. As for students, taking the necessary steps towards a successful career such as pursuing a course that supports their dreams, taking up internships that may help them advance with their career plans, etc, are certainly very important to secure their future.

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The Ultimate Guide On Student Accommodation in Australia

International students pursuing higher education in Australia have a wide range of housing options to choose from. When seeking student housing in Australia, you should know what your potential choices are and ways of budgeting for each option. Accommodation accounts for a large portion of your cost of living in Australia. On-campus accommodation (...

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Top 5 courses in New Zealand

Engulfed in fabulous scenery, and home to top-notch education institutions in the world, New Zealand is a safe country that welcomes a considerable number of Filipino students to pursue higher education year after year.

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