Benefits of Studying at Charles Darwin University

The International Student Support Team of Charles Darwin University supports students in all aspects of their experience of living and studying in Australia. Some areas including the extension of post-study work rights and the support system for students (during the pandemic) make them a forerunner in helping students study in Australia and look after their life as graduates in Australia seamlessly. 

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5 High Paying Allied Health Science Jobs in Canada

From the invention of the pacemaker to the discovery of insulin, Canada has an immense track record of contributing to healthcare innovations for decades. The tremendous growth in the medicine and healthcare industry in Canada is owing to its steady expansion in career opportunities, and this sector is expected to grow by 21% in 2024. Did you know?...

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Australian Education System for International Students Overview

What comes to your mind when you think of Australia?

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Do You Actually Know How International Student Health Insurance in USA Works?

Budgeting and managing expenses is a common concern for most international students who aspire to study abroad. Expenses related to tuition fees, monthly accommodation, your transportation charges, food expenses and other extra expenses maybe a little more than expected, and if not planned wisely, it may result in stress and confusion. In addition ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Studying Nursing in Canada

For over a decade, the count of international students studying nursing in Canada has been on the rise due to the Canadian Government’s policies and healthcare-related research excellence. 

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Top Short-Term Courses Abroad For International Students

Want to make the best use of your term break? We have the perfect solution for you! Top universities across the globe are offering international students to learn a new course for a fraction of the time. International students can enroll in summer or winter courses to gain new skills and improve their knowledge. Short-term courses are becoming incr...

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Top 6 Highest-Paying Jobs in the USA

Choosing the right career path is one of the most critical aspects of our lives. As for students, taking the necessary steps towards a successful career such as pursuing a course that supports their dreams, taking up internships that may help them advance with their career plans, etc, are certainly very important to secure their future.

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The Ultimate Guide On Student Accommodation in Australia

International students pursuing higher education in Australia have a wide range of housing options to choose from. When seeking student housing in Australia, you should know what your potential choices are and ways of budgeting for each option. Accommodation accounts for a large portion of your cost of living in Australia. On-campus accommodation (...

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Top 5 courses in New Zealand

Engulfed in fabulous scenery, and home to top-notch education institutions in the world, New Zealand is a safe country that welcomes a considerable number of Filipino students to pursue higher education year after year.

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How beneficial are the new Australian National University scholarship schemes?

With all the esteemed Universities coming up with new scholarships to help international students, The Australian National University has stepped up with some beneficial financial aids too. To begin with, “The Chancellor’s International” scholarship is offered to 200 top-performing students wishing to study at the university in the first semester of 2021. The students will be offered a discounted tuition fee if eligible.

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Got Travel Plans? Want to Go Home for Christmas? Bridging Visas Explained!

It’s that time of the year. All the shops are decked out, the streets adorned with lights and festive decors! For most people, school work and office work are on hold. It makes us think about families, the possibility of travels, holidays and the like.

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Boost Your Migration Points with NAATI Accreditation

About NAATI: National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is a standards organisation responsible for setting, maintaining and promoting high professional standards that issues accreditations for practitioners who wish to work as translators and interpreters in Australia.

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Ten Reasons to Study in Brisbane

Brisbane, Australia’s New World city, offers world ranking universities, lots of sunshine and learning journey like no other.

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5 Job Hunting Tips & Guides for International Graduates

As a new graduate, venturing in the job market can be a daunting ordeal but it can also lead you to your dream career. We’ve listed 5 job hunting tips & guides that will help you gain the advantage. Remember that you need to have a valid visa such as Temporary Graduate visa to be able to work in Australia after completing your studies.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Social Work Courses

Are you interested in taking up a Social Work Course? Are social work courses something you’ve considered taking, but don’t know enough about it to see if it’s for you?

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Can International Students Study and Work in Canada?

Besides world-class education, Canada offers part-time and full-time employment opportunities for foreign students. International students have long preferred to study and work in Canada to gain experience in a multicultural environment and make some extra savings. This also allows them to pay for their living expenses and the cost of education in ...

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Benefits of Studying in London for International Students

Having been a vibrant place that houses a vast number of international students year after year, London is the most sought-after study destination for programs such as law, engineering, medicine, design, sports science, and management. Did you know? London comprises elite universities! 6 out of which are ranked amongst the top 200 institutions by the Times Higher Education (THE).

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Careers in Canada for Filipino Students

Canada is one of the best countries to begin your career as it offers a wide range of job opportunities in diverse sectors to Filipino students. With lower unemployment rates, Filipino students have higher earning opportunities in Canada. In addition to the benefits, Canada's employment law promotes work-life balance for its employees, making it an...

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5 Best Mass Communication Courses to Study in Canada

Communication and Technology have had a drastic impact on human lives over the last 2 decades. 

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7 Best Part-time jobs in the UK for international students.

Having been one of the most sought after countries to study in for international students, a majority of students take up part-time jobs to manage their accommodation, food and travel expenses. The UK government’s policies for international students are super friendly and enable them to find work options while studying easily.

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