Canada Student Visa
Learn everything you need to know about Canada
Student Visa and get end to end expert guidance from us.
Canada Student Visa
Learn everything you need to know about Canada Student Visa and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Canada Student Visa

Affordable tuition fees, top-notch universities, an array of courses, and more factors make Canada an increasingly appealing study abroad destination. Tuition fees for tertiary education in Canada are often more affordable as compared to the fees in some of the other top study destinations. International students and domestic students pay identical tuition fees in several provinces of Canada.

Canada has prestigious universities, including some that consistently feature in lists of the best universities in the world. Employers around the world hold degrees earned from universities in Canada in high regard. The education system of Canada adheres to stringent quality standards, which help ensure that students have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their fields, both domestically and globally. This recognition improves the professional prospects of graduates from Canada and gives them an edge over other candidates on the job market.

Further, the visa policies in Canada are not as strict as in, say, the USA, making it less challenging for foreign nationals to get a permit to study in the country. The visa process in Canada is often more straightforward as compared to the USA, with an emphasis on drawing students from all over the world to the nation.


Types of Canada Student Visa for Filipino Students

Technically, a study permit in Canada is not a visa. Whether or not you need the permit depends on how long you want to study in Canada. If you only want to study for up to 6 months in Canada, a visitor visa will suffice for you; a permit will not be necessary for you. However, if you want to study longer in Canada, you will need a study permit and a visitor visa. If the immigration department of Canada approves your study permit to Canada, the department will issue you a visitor visa along with it.

There are two types of visitor visas in Canada:

Single-Entry Visa

Usually, you can stay in Canada for the duration of your eligible course with the permit and one of these two visa types. The difference between both visas is in the number of times each allows you to travel in and out of Canada. A single-entry visa allows you to travel to Canada just once. As long as you do not leave Canada, you can complete your studies here with the permit.

Multiple-Entry Visa

On the other hand, a multiple-entry visa allows you to travel in and out of Canada once every six months as long as you study in the country. A multiple-entry visa in Canada stays valid for a month before the expiration date of your passport or ten years, whichever is shorter.

The immigration department of Canada will issue one of these two visitor visas to you, according to your situation at the time of application. It automatically considers almost every applicant for a multiple-entry visa. In other words, you will most likely not have to decide on the type of visa you want to use to study in Canada.



Requirements to Apply for Student Visa Canada

Satisfy the following Canada student visa requirements if you want to live and study here:

  • Enrollment at a designated learning institution.
  • Possession of enough funds to cover your living expenses, tuition fees, and return travel
  • Zero criminal record; obtain a police clearance certificate if necessary
  • Commitment to obey Canada’s laws
  • Be in a good health condition; undergo a medical examination if necessary
  • Substantiate to an immigration-related officer that you are going to leave the country after your Canadian study permit becomes invalid.

Once you obtain the visa, it is not like your job is over. You will have to keep meeting the Canada student visa requirements or conditions on your permit to ensure that it stays valid.

Documents Required to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada

You need the following to submit an application for a Canadian study permit:

  • Evidence of acceptance: You will have to submit a copy or the original of the acceptance letter from your eligible school along with your application. There is an exception to this, though. If you are the relative of a person who has an approved work permit or study permit before your Canada visit, an acceptance letter will not be necessary for you.
  • Identity proof: You must have a valid travel document or passport at the time of application. The immigration department also requires two passport-size photographs with your date of birth and name on the empty side of each picture.
  • Proof of financial support: You must substantiate that you are capable of supporting yourself and anyone who accompanies you to Canada while living and studying here. There are a few ways to prove the aforementioned, including your last four months’ bank statements or proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees. The immigration department sets the minimum funds that you need to financially support yourself according to your age and whether you want to come to a place in or outside Quebec.

Speaking of Quebec, if you intend to study there, you must submit a valid document proving that you are the recipient of a Quebec Acceptance Certificate.

The immigration department of Canada may also ask you to submit other pieces of documentation for the visa.


How to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada

You must usually apply for the permit before coming to Canada. An IRCC-related account is necessary to apply for it, whether you are in Canada or elsewhere at the time. The specific instructions on how to apply for a student visa Canada will vary a bit depending on your present location. Assuming that you are in the Philippines at the time, here are a few pointers to keep in mind regarding how to apply for a student visa in Canada:

  • Get your documents in order. If you miss any important documents or information, it will contribute to possible delays or even the rejection of your application.
  • Be sure to have enough money to pay for the application fee, biometrics, and any necessary third-party charges.
For more information regarding Student Visa Requirements in Canada, contact AECC, book your free consultation, and learn all about the latest updates today!

Frequently asked questions

Is There Any Age Limit for a Canada Student Visa?

No, there is no specific age limit for a student visa in Canada. The Canadian government has not set an age restriction for foreign nationals who wish to study in the country.

Turn your Study Abroad Dream to Degrees Abroad in Canada



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