10 ABM Courses (Accountancy Business and Management) to Study Abroad

The emergence of technologies such as big data and machine learning is also impacting the global accounting services market. This impact is also becoming apparent in the education sector, with the inclusion of topics such as data analytics, machine learning, and information systems as specialization options and modules in many ABM courses abroad. A...

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HRM Courses for Filipino Students

Opting for Human Resource Management (HRM) is a smart career decision for students with a passion for business. HRM courses offer opportunities for a career in the HR sector and various other business domains, given the emphasis on strategy, people management, and client relationships. HRM, which stands for Human Resource Management, is a specializ...

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Why is Studying Engineering Management Great for Your Career?

Engineering management is becoming more prominent as a field of study in higher education. A master's in engineering management is designed to arm an engineering graduate with the skills and knowledge required to bridge the gap in expertise between technology, management, and engineering. Engineers should have technical and managerial skills to thr...

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Why is a Degree in Project Management a Great Career Option?

If you have people skills and organisational skills, you may thrive in a career in project management. An exciting discipline in higher education, project management opens up many roles, such as leading a team of engineers in an IT project, to name one. An effective project manager oversees a diverse group of individuals, communicates with executiv...

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Top 5 Benefits of Getting a Bachelor's in Tourism Management

Tourism management is a well-known discipline in post-secondary education because tourism happens to be among the world's largest sectors with an increasing requirement for skilled professionals. Many international students pursue tourism-related careers, which indicates how popular this field is in tertiary education. Many schools offer tourism ma...

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Study Master’s in Psychology: Types, Best Universities, Fees, and Requirements

Now is the best time to pursue an advanced degree in psychology. It is among the fastest-growing fields abroad, and the requirement for experts in mental health is higher than ever before. The degree allows you to gain specialised knowledge and skills in a specific area of mental health. It usually requires two years of study to complete a master's...

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Top 7 Master's Degrees and Programs for International Students in 2023

Are you an undergraduate student who wants better career prospects? Or do you perhaps want to be more knowledgeable in a particular field? Either way, it is a good idea for you to pursue a master's degree in a top study destination abroad. A master's program offers a more intensive learning experience as compared to a bachelor's course. Here is an ...

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Study Master’s in Accounting: Best Universities, Types, Requirements, and More!

A master's in accounting makes you ready for specific leadership or managerial roles and allows you to pursue different areas of speciality within the field of accounting. You should consider joining a master's program in accounting if you are keen on pursuing an accounting career in the future or want to advance within the same career. There are m...

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Study Master's in Nursing: Best Universities, Benefits, Requirements, and More!

A master of science in a nursing (MSN) program will offer you comprehensive knowledge with regard to examining many different illnesses and healthcare-related services. The MSN is among the best-known courses among international students, but it is not the only master's in nursing program available worldwide. Let's look at some of the other types o...

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Study Master of Business Administration (MBA): Types & Requirements

A master's degree in business administration at a top university abroad offers an unparalleled learning experience to domestic and international students. The teachers, industry exposure, peer group, and student-faculty ratio in an overseas MBA program are usually unmatched. There are many schools that offer master's in business administration with...

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Study Business Administration: Course Benefits, Best Universities, Requirements, and More!

A business administration degree abroad is a qualification that many international students seek, as it opens several career opportunities in today's accelerated business environment. At the undergraduate level, a business administration degree suits ambitious people who want to climb up the career ladder or become entrepreneurs. In this blog, we a...

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How the Education System in the Philippines Compares to the Rest of the World?

It is important to understand how the tertiary or higher education system in a country works so that you can pick the best study destination abroad. The standard of education in a nation mainly depends on the amount of money that its government and private owners spend to support it. That said, you should look at certain metrics like the quality of...

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Study MBA in Germany: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!

When it comes to the best business and management education, Germany sits at the top of the wish list of countries to study in for international students. Among other factors, the quality of schools in Germany and the excellent job prospects for their graduates make it a great location for international MBA aspirants too. In fact, when you research...

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Study MBA in Ireland: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!

Did you know that Ireland is a top study destination for MBA aspirants? Ireland's capital city, Dublin, has several tech companies and financial firms, making it a diverse location and a great place to study for MBA aspirants. As an international student, you may find this to be in stark contrast to the image of Ireland as a rural country with pict...

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Top Master’s Course in Australia: Scholarships & More!

International students looking to study in Australia will find a wealth of options at Australian universities. A long history of welcoming international students and supporting them through their studies has resulted in many services and programs being available to help make the transition to university life as smooth as possible. Universities can ...

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Study MBA in UK: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!

An MBA abroad is quite valuable when it comes to building a global career. The value of the qualification will increase if you study at a top UK university or business school. Aside from offering programs in most fields imaginable, universities in the UK are known for producing graduates with the capability to thrive professionally. This makes an M...

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Study MBA in USA: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!

The USA is a land of opportunity for international students, and MBA graduates are no exception. Every year, thousands of foreign nationals visit the USA for business education due to the endless possibilities that it offers them. Let's explore here the best universities in the USA for an MBA, the requirements and reasons to go for the qualificatio...

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Study MBA in New Zealand: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!

Business and management degrees in New Zealand are internationally recognised, and the country has schools with great international student support services. New Zealand has a stable economy, a low cost of living, and a quality educational system. New Zealand also has natural beauty in abundance for you to explore. All of these factors combine to m...

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All About One-Year Master's Degree in Canada: Top Universities & Requirements

Canada is among the best-known study-abroad destinations for international students. What reinforces this notion is the fact that over 600,000 international students got their study permits from the Canadian government ever since the national borders reopened post-Covid. And, one-year postgraduate programs are among the courses that have been one o...

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Study MBA in Australia: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!

Australia is a top study destination for MBA aspirants, and the number of applicants every year stands as proof. Judging by the QS World University Rankings, Australia is one of the five best destinations for foreign nationals who wish to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree. There is plenty on offer for MBA aspirants in Australia, inc...

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