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Facing UK Visa Rejection or Delay? Here Are the Common Reasons Why!


Understanding the reasons for your UK visa rejection will give you a clear idea on how to avoid this situation in the future. Here, we will discuss some possible reasons for the rejection to ensure that you obtain a UK student visa without any hassle. Thousands of people apply for different types of UK visas every year. It usually takes up to 12 we...

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What Are the Reasons for Visa Rejection and Refusal?


As an international study aspirant, you begin the process to study abroad by applying for a university, getting an admit, trying to arrange your funds and try for a scholarship. As the process culminates and you finally get the admit card, the process of applying for a visa begins. At this juncture, you may have to submit your documents to the emba...

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2021-2022 Updated Australian Visa Rights for International Students


For over a decade, Australia has been the hub for international students flying in from across the globe, with an ultimate aim to establish a career in their chosen fields in the country. Most international students pursuing their studies in Australia - especially popular courses such as Cyber Security, Data Science, and Information Technology, eas...

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9 Things You Should Know About Your Temporary Work Skilled Visa (457 Visa)


Understanding your temporary work skilled visa (457 visa) will not only protect your rights as an employee but also maximize the potential in achieving your permanent residency goals.

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Australian Migration Trends in 2014-2015


Have you always wondered where the majority of migrants into Australia are originally from?

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Which Courses are Eligible for PR in Australia?


International students have various reasons why they have chosen to study in Australia. The country, one of the top 3 favourite destinations of students seeking higher education, has helped its international graduates achieve success in their chosen career through its high academic standards and developed internship programmes.

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