Uk Scholarships for Filipinos
Learn everything you need to know about Uk scholarships for Filipinos
and get end to end expert guidance from us.
Uk Scholarships for Filipinos
Learn everything you need to know about Uk scholarships for Filipinos and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Uk Scholarships for Filipinos

The United Kingdom has long been a well-known destination for Filipino students as well. The UK has many high-ranking and prestigious institutions, so there is great value in studying here for international students. As per the 2023 QS Rankings, four of the ten best universities in the world are in the United Kingdom.

UK schools help students gain valuable work experience with field placements and internship arrangements. In fact, as per QS Graduate Employability Rankings, graduates from the UK are some of the world’s most employable candidates. Moreover, with the UK’s Graduate Route visa program, international students can stay back in the country and work for 2 to 3 years, depending on the qualifications they pursue here.

The average cost of higher education in the UK is lower than that of some of the other well-known study destinations. The UK also has cost-effective master’s programs that take only around one year to complete. The UK’s government and universities also offer an array of scholarships and other financial grants. Read on to learn more about UK Scholarships for Filipinos.


Types of Scholarships Available in the UK for Filipino Students

There are an array of UK scholarships for Filipinos, including the following:

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are for applicants who show high academic performance with accolades to show for it. Merit awards are available to students with high GPAs, standardised test scores, and athletic performance.

Need-Based Scholarships

Unlike a merit-based scholarship, a need-based one sets the financial situation of the applicant as the main eligibility criterion. It emphasises the income of a student or their family as a criterion for eligibility. Thus, it contrasts with a merit-based scholarship, which emphasises achievement. Both government institutions and private service providers offer merit- and need-based scholarships to study in the UK.

Faculty or Department-Specific Scholarships

Some schools in the UK offer scholarships to students who want to enrol in specific courses available at their specific departments, such as the faculty of arts and the faculty of science, to name two. There are also merit- and need-based faculty or department-specific scholarships at many UK institutions.

Nationality-Specific Scholarships

Many schools in the UK offer different scholarships to students from specific parts of the world, including Asia. UK schools grant nationality-specific scholarships based on the academic performance and/or financial situation of the applicant.


Top Universities Offering Scholarships in the UK

There are many universities with scholarships in the UK for Filipino students and other foreign nationals. Here is a table showing some of the universities. It is important to note that the requirements to qualify for scholarships vary from one university to another and from one scholarship to another. The numbers in the table apply to courses from 2023 onward. Feel free to explore your options with the help of an AECC counsellor and make the best possible decision for your future!

University Name Scholarship Name Scholarship Type Scholarship Amount
Swansea University Undergraduate International Excellence Scholarship Merit-based Up to £6,000
The University of Hull George W Gray International Scholarship Faculty-based (for BSc Chemistry or MChem Chemistry) A £9,000 discount on your yearly tuition fee
The University of Portsmouth Vice Chancellor's Global Development Scholarship Nationality-based A £1,600 discount on the fee for the first year
The University of Westminster Chevening Scholarship Nationality-based It covers partial or full tuition fees, plus more
The University of Strathclyde Faculty of Engineering International Scholarship Merit-based A 10% discount on your yearly tuition fee
Cardiff University Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship Nationality-based £2,000
Aberystwyth University International Accommodation Award Housing scholarship Accommodation for free or at a £2,000 discount
The University of Bristol Think Big Undergraduate Award Course-specific A tuition fee reduction of up to £13,000 a year
The University of Birmingham KAPLAN Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Merit-based £2,500
The University of West London International Ambassador Scholarship Competitiveness-based Up to £2,000 and £5,000 off from the first year’s postgraduate and undergraduate tuition fees, respectively

Requirements to Avail of a Scholarship in the UK

As an international student, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible for UK Scholarships. The requirements may vary from one university to the next, but there are some common criteria. Here is a list of the common requirements to be able to apply for scholarships to study in the UK:

  • Academic Achievements: It is important to have very good scores in your most recent course, alongside a competitive Grade Point Average (GPA). Entry to UK universities may only require average academic scores, but you must have an approximate score of 60% to 80% in your previous program to qualify for UK scholarships.
  • Extracurricular activities: Do you take part in extracurricular activities outside of school? If so, you may qualify for an array of UK scholarships for Filipino students. Students who actively take part in social welfare programs and have leadership experience can obtain some of the UK’s best scholarships. Athletic and sporting achievements can make you eligible for many scholarships to study in the UK as well.

How to Avail Scholarships in the UK

Act as per the following steps to be eligible for scholarships in the UK for International students. Remember, each scholarship may have its own criteria, so thorough research and attention to detail are crucial for maximising your chances of obtaining a scholarship in the UK. You should seek the expert assistance of an AECC counsellor with any or all of the following steps to ensure that you get the best scholarship in the UK.

  • Research available UK scholarships for Filipino students through reputable sources, and identify the ones that align with your academic field, nationality, and financial situation.
  • Carefully review the requirements for each scholarship. Focus on the last date to apply, and gather the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and personal statements.
  • Craft a compelling personal statement that highlights your achievements, goals, and reasons for deserving the scholarship. Tailor your application to meet the specific requirements for each scholarship.
  • Ensure a strong academic performance with good grades and extracurricular activities that showcase your skills and talents.
  • Be sure to apply well before the deadline and keep track of any additional steps involved in the process.

Frequently asked questions

To avail yourself of a scholarship in the UK, it is important to research your available options, understand the eligibility criteria for each, craft a compelling application, and apply as early as possible. Each scholarship may have specific requirements, so thorough research and attention to detail are crucial.

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