Credit Cards For International Students In Australia

A credit card comes in handy when you need some quick cash for expenses. If you have good financial discipline, a credit card can cover your bills and reward you with exciting perks for spending money. As an international student, a credit card can be a life-saver in situations when there is an unexpected delay in money transfer from home or your s...

Benefits of the UK Education System for International Students

When compared to several other countries, the teaching methods in the United Kingdom are constantly evolving with every passing year to help students develop industry-specific skills. The universities’ innovative new teaching methodologies focus on encouraging problem-solving & research, independent thinking, and self-motivation.

Things to know while choosing to pursue a hospitality and tourism management degree

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about travelling and spending your leisure time at a posh luxurious hotel? Does communicating with multicultural people from walks of life intrigue you? Has planning a holiday for a large group of people been an easy task for you?

List of accommodation options for International Students in Australia

Despite having a population of only 23 million, Australia is among the top 3 countries students love to go for further study. World-renowned education standards, unique landscape, wide-open spaces, and personality of the locals are some of the common things that attract students to study there. Finding Australia suitable for your education pursuit,...

Cost of living in Canada for international students

The country of Canada is not just famous for its mesmerising natural beauty and its multicultural cities, but also for the brilliant educational institutions. 

The Canadian universities are known for offering a wide range of courses with lesser tuition fees, making the cost of living in Canada for Filipino students affordable.

Everything You Need to Know About Studying in Canada from Philippines

Travelling overseas for education is a process of overcoming tiny challenges and is a ‘dream come true’ moment for many students. From opting a study destination, to getting prepared to live in a developed country is an exciting, yet a nail-biting process.

Top 5 Scholarships to Study in Canada for Filipino Students

Having been one of the safest countries for international students and consistent in providing quality education, Canada is a proud home to over 550,000 international students in the academic year 2019. 

5 Reasons to study in Canada – Guide for Filipino students

Whether it is academic excellence or multi-culture lifestyle, Canada stands tall in offering 360-degree comfort for international students across the globe. The country holds not only a scintillating infrastructure for higher studies but also offers a better environment to adjust and adapt.

7 High Paying Jobs in the UK that require a master’s degree.

Career opportunities in the United Kingdom are umpteen, and salaries are often sufficient to satiate the financial aspirations of many students. When you opt for a career, economic profits are to be taken into consideration and are one of the crucial factors while choosing a job of your choice.

7 Best Part-time jobs for international students in the UK.

Having been one of the most sought after countries to study in for international students, a majority of students take up part-time jobs to manage their accommodation, food and travel expenses. The UK government’s policies for international students are super friendly and enable them to find work options while studying easily.

5 Reasons why international students in New Zealand cherish their study abroad experience.

Are you a student aspiring to study abroad but struggling to pick a destination considering the pandemic?

Well then, ever considered studying in New Zealand

If not, here is a destination worth looking into! 

Top 5 courses to study in New Zealand

Engulfed in fabulous scenery, and home to top-notch education institutions in the world, New Zealand is a safe country that welcomes a considerable number of Filipino students to pursue higher education year after year.

Why you should study and work in New Zealand?

New Zealand boasts of its research-led prestigious universities, most of which are ranked amongst the top institutions in the world. With a minimal population of over 3.5 million, the country is relatively small but has abundant outdoor space. Sounds interesting, right? 

Institutions to enrol in a master's course in Canada - 2021

Having been known for its diverse cultures, Canada houses international students from multicultural communities, allowing students from all walks of life to enjoy their stay and study seamlessly. 

5 Trending Master's Courses to Study in Australia

Having been known as the fastest emerging hub of higher education, Australia accounts for over 1,000 educational institutions and 40 universities, which is comparatively higher than many other developed countries. The availability of vast specialisations and fields make the country an in-demand destination for students aspiring to pursue higher education from across the world.

Why You Should Attend The Study Abroad Readiness Bootcamp!

Every aspiration starts with a dream. Doesn’t it?

You can aspire to become whatever you want. Perhaps you’re a design engineer who dreams of giving life to a machine, or a techno-expert who prefers to spend their mornings and nights interacting with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Australian Education System for International Students Overview

What comes to your mind when you think of Australia?

6 mandatory requirements for the Australian Student Visa Application

Studying abroad is a dream come true for many Filipinos - exploring new cultures and interacting with new people whilst gaining knowledge are admirable pursuits. You can leverage your lifestyle and build a successful career while studying abroad.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak information- Latest update for international students

Are you aware of this?

The Philippines recorded the first casualty outside China on account of the Pandemic - Covid 19 CoronaVirus on January 30, 2020. Following this, the human-to-human transmission had put the nation under high alert on March 06; hence the Philippines government declared a health emergency on March 09, following a spike in new confirmed cases.

Top 6 Scholarships for studying abroad in Australia

Do you think Australia is only known for its scintillating beaches and skyscrapers?
If so, you should hear about the Australian Education System!

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