Australia to recommence granting visas to International students

The Australian Government on Monday initiated a set of new VISA arrangements that entirely benefits the International students. The government has decided to recommence issuing visas outside Australia as soon as possible. Furthermore, the students will be able to lodge for their visa extension for free.

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The US Govt permits the stay of students, reverses its earlier policy

With more than 60,000 international students currently residing in just Texas, the US government had earlier announced that the international students on F-1 and M-1 visas have to deport if they had registered exclusively only for online programs. Interestingly, the US government has agreed to reverse its policy as of today to benefit the students and their Universities.

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Supportive Study Away schemes to help International students

Cornwell University has come up with a unique scheme to provide students worldwide with the experience of studying at Cornell by setting up local campuses in their respective countries. The University has promised to set up well equipped local campuses across the world with access to educational course materials and more.

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Exclusive 50% scholarship on online courses

The Le Cordon Bleu University in Australia is offering 50% off on regular tuition fees to all the students who are willing to take up any New Higher Education certification courses online. The University allows you to choose as many courses as you desire to study and the scholarship will be effective for the subsequent years of online study.

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Students ambassadors lend helping hand online

Educators in Australia have come up with an innovative idea to encourage international students to continue pursuing their studies online for now. With COVID -19 disrupting the study abroad plans of many international students; Universities had begun introducing temporary online classes. However, many students disliked the approach and expressed fear.

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International students can resume English studies in Ireland NOW

The Irish government has come up with measures to support the international language students by providing for an automatic two-month renewal of any study visas due to expire between 20 May and 20 July.

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QS reports students eagerness to study abroad

A piece of uplifting news for educational institutions across the world is that the international students are longing to begin their study abroad.As a consequence of the pandemic, they are willing to take up online courses, however only temporarily.

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Top 5 Emerging Universities to Study in Australia

Do you know what makes a degree from an Australian University stand out from that of the others? 

Right from Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin to David Warren who invented the black box flight recorder, the alumni of Australian universities have made an immense contribution to the world with their wonderful inventions. 

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Prepare for studying abroad- New Zealand moves to alert level 1

Hey there! Have you hit the pause button on your preparations to travel to New Zealand to pursue your higher education because of the pandemic? Well then, here is some delightful news for you! The New Zealand Government has moved to alert level 1. Yes! You heard that right!

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Meet us Online Assistance

Scrolling through your phone looking for assistance? Wondering who can help you accomplish your study abroad dreams amidst this pandemic?

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Everything You Need to Know About Studying in Canada from Philippines

Travelling overseas for education is a process of overcoming tiny challenges and is a ‘dream come true’ moment for many students. From opting a study destination, to getting prepared to live in a developed country is an exciting, yet a nail-biting process.

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Why not choose New Zealand as your study destination?

Often when people think of studying abroad, Australia, UK, US and Canada are the study destinations that immediately come to their minds. But why not New Zealand? Let us provide you with some solid reasons why New Zealand may be a great alternative for pursuing your higher studies.

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Stick to the Original Plan - Study in Australia

Covid-19 has upended the daily lives of people across the world. But in the last week, as the plans of opening to travellers have gained more traction, the government of Australia has initiated taking concrete steps against the travel ban. 

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Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations in 2020

Choosing a study abroad destination is indeed an overwhelming process, and to pick from a whole list of countries that radiate its own distinctive appeal can be a conflicting process. 

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Australian Universities Emergency Funding for International Students

The coronavirus spread is decreasing extensively due to the closure of non-essential businesses and the stringent travel restrictions enforced by the state and federal governments of Australia. 

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Top 6 Scholarships for studying abroad in Australia

Do you think Australia is only known for its scintillating beaches and skyscrapers?
If so, you should hear about the Australian Education System!

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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak information- Latest update for international students

Are you aware of this?

The Philippines recorded the first casualty outside China on account of the Pandemic - Covid 19 CoronaVirus on January 30, 2020. Following this, the human-to-human transmission had put the nation under high alert on March 06; hence the Philippines government declared a health emergency on March 09, following a spike in new confirmed cases.

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6 mandatory requirements for the Australian Student Visa Application

Studying abroad is a dream come true for many Filipinos - exploring new cultures and interacting with new people whilst gaining knowledge are admirable pursuits. You can leverage your lifestyle and build a successful career while studying abroad.

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Why You Should Attend The Study Abroad Readiness Bootcamp!

Every aspiration starts with a dream. Doesn’t it?

You can aspire to become whatever you want. Perhaps you’re a design engineer who dreams of giving life to a machine, or a techno-expert who prefers to spend their mornings and nights interacting with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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PTE Academic Voucher

Looking to save some money on PTE Academic Exam vouchers? Here is everything you need to know

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