Top 5 Emerging Universities to Study in Australia

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Do you know what makes a degree from an Australian University stand out from that of the others? 

Right from Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin to David Warren who invented the black box flight recorder, the alumni of Australian universities have made an immense contribution to the world with their wonderful inventions. 

Sounds interesting, right? You could also be one in future given the opportunities the Australian universities provide for research and innovation during your course.

With the country offering over 22,000 courses and 1,000 educational institutions, you can opt for a course of your choice across disciplines, at all degree levels. Having been a provider of quality education for decades, every year, several Australian universities seize their spot in the world’s top 100 universities in the world. 

To help you to choose a university seamlessly, we have listed below five emerging universities that would satiate your dreams of studying in Australia.

1. Deakin University

Deakin University was set up in 1974 and was named after the former Australian Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin. 

The university offers international students a wide range of subjects to choose from. Some renowned courses at Deakin University are Business, Social Development, Psychology, Nursing, and Healthcare.  

Deakin was Australia’s very first university to start the distance education program. The university has also been awarded Bronze Oceania, QS Wharton Reimagine Education Global Award and about 8 million dollars as a fund by the Australian Research Council for its 23 research projects. Besides all these, 106 undergraduate courses, 171 post-graduate courses and 43 research degrees are offered by the university. 

Deakin University has 4 campuses, of which the main campus is Geelong Waurn Ponds campus. All the campuses of Deakin University are surrounded by cafes, restaurants, medical stores, gyms, general stores, and a few more essential shops that provide international students with all necessary goods and services. 

In the QS Australia University Rankings 2020, Deakin University ranks 16, making it one of the best universities in Australia for international students to study abroad.

2. RMIT University

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is a renowned research university established in Melbourne, Australia. With international recognition for providing professional education, vocational education, and applied research, the university was granted the public university status in 1992.

Each year, RMIT enrols over 5000 international students from across the world. With over 30 bachelor’s courses and 35 master’s courses, the university provides degrees in engineering, computer, science, humanities, business course, MFA, MEng and MArch. 

One interesting fact about RMIT University is that there is no boundary wall anywhere in the university campus and the campus is spread across a massive 720,000 sqm area.

In the QS Australia University Rankings 2020, RMIT University ranks 15 making it one of the ideal universities in Australia for international students aspiring to study in Australia.

3. Monash University

Founded in 1958, Monash University is the second oldest university in Australia and is also a part of the ‘Group of Eight’ (The Group of Eight is a coalition of eight leading research-intensive Australian universities). 

Monash University houses the faculties of Law, Engineering, Arts, Nursing and Health Sciences, Education, Science, Business and Economics, Medicine, and IT. 

As a home for over 50,000 undergraduate and 25,000 postgraduate students among which 27,403 are international students, the university offers unique courses including Forensic Medicines, Preventive Medicine, Department of Epidemiology, Occupational Therapy and Department of Physiotherapy.

Adding to this, 109 research facility centres are available within the campus. As a result, the university has achieved discovering 2 significant drugs, namely Relenza (Anti-influenza drug) and an anti-malaria drug. Hence, to pursue a doctorate degree, Monash University is one of the best choices with ample research opportunities. 

In the QS Australia University Rankings 2020, Monash University ranks 6th, making it one of the best universities in Australia for international students aspiring to explore their research opportunities.

4. University of Queensland

With its state of the art teaching methodologies, the University of Queensland (UQ) has bagged more national teaching awards than any other Australian University. 

Amongst 50,000 students, 18,000 + are international students from 134 countries who study in the University of Queensland’s three campuses.

Brisbane is the home of the UQ’s all 3 campuses and is also the capital city of Queensland. With a population of over 2 million, the city offers a safe-cum-relaxed lifestyle, vibrant culture, and subtropical climate for international students across the globe.

UQ also has six faculties and over 100 research centres which attract a broader community of 1500 scientists, engineers, and social scientists, who are predominantly serving as the UQ’s research leadership team. 

In the QS Australia University Rankings 2020, the University of Queensland ranks 5th, making it one of the desirable universities to study in Australia for international students.

5. University of New South Wales

Located in Sydney, the University has two research centres. The UNSW Lowy Cancer Research Center researches cancer in adults and kids and Wainwright Analytical Centre focuses on contributing to studying physical, biological, and chemical material science. Also, this research centre is home to the faculties of engineering, medical and science. 

The University of New South Wales offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs. It has departments such as the Faculty of Business School, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Art & Design, Faculty of Art & Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Engineering and Science through which the university offers multiple subjects for students. 

The well-experienced faculty members of UNSW add value to the university, in turn, helping students gain the best real-time practical knowledge in their respective domain.

As per Australia University Rankings 2020, the University of New South Wales ranks 4th and it consistently ranks amongst the top 5 rankings each year.

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