Top 7 Reasons to Study in South Australia: Adelaide

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South Australia, a cosmopolitan hub of Australia, is surrounded by gorgeous art galleries, sprawling parklands, scintillating beaches and eye-catching museums. For international students opting to study at a South Australia University, the perks are countless! 

With a travel duration of fewer than 8 hours, you can comfortably set foot in one of the most liveable cities in Southern Australia- Adelaide, where you get a chance to meet and share knowledge amongst students from different parts of the globe. International students in South Australia can experience a range of sporting activities, experiment delicious cuisines from over 500 cafes and restaurants, and also uplift their career with passion by pursuing higher education at a South Australia University such as Flinders, the University of Adelaide and South Australia

Want to know more about studying in South Australia as an international student? Check out these 7 reasons which you simply may not be able to ignore!

  1. A Festival Hub

Did you know Adelaide in South Australia hosts over 350 events every year? South Australia is also known to be the 'Festival State', and Adelaide is a UNESCO City of Music. Speaking of festivals, no matter where your interest lies in, be it films, music, racing or food, you have a tonne of celebrations to be a part of here! 

Many festivals co-occur during March, so it is the best time to witness a range of festivals in Adelaide. The well-known and the biggest festival in the city is the Adelaide Fringe (second-largest arts festival in the world). The Fringe Festival brings Adelaide with street performers, pop-up theatres, circus, live music, magic and comedy shows. 

For racing fans, the Superloop Adelaide 500 is an exciting event! Your adrenaline levels are sure to pump up as you may be experiencing and witnessing one of the most fast-paced legal racing scenarios ever. 

  1. Accommodation Facilities

Did you know? Over 4,000 international students are staying at the student accommodation in Adelaide, which is located in the central part of the city. Staying just a few meters away from the accommodation, students can easily commute to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. 

When it comes to accommodation, international students have multiple options such as University-Managed Accommodation (on-campus - $90 to 280/week), Residential Colleges (fully furnished room offered by university), Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (off-campus- $165 to $440/week), Private Rentals, Homestay ($235 to $325/ week) and Student Hostels. Based on individual priorities and requirements, students can opt for an accommodation of their choice.

  1. Education Excellence

International students can find many of the world's top educational institutions in Southern Australia, especially in Adelaide including private colleges, universities, specialised Vocational Education and Training institutions, and hospitality & culinary schools.

Adelaide is a leading educational city which has institutions across all areas of education including universities that are globally ranked in the top 2%. In fact, South Australia has the highest number of international students enrollment per capita in Australia. Also, a South Australia University's degree is recognised worldwide and is considered to be the most sought-after by recruiters globally.

  1. Lesser Transportation Cost

Living in Adelaide as an international student is over 13% more affordable than most Australian cities. With lower public transport, food and rental costs, you can delve into an affordable lifestyle that South Australia has to offer. 

As a part of the student concession program by the South Australia Government, all international students are allowed to receive up to 49 AUD (each month) discounts on public transport. Through which students can travel by buses and other public modes of transportation.

On the other hand, Tertiary Students can enjoy travelling unlimited on all train, tram and bus services, with a monthly Pass for 51.50 AUD. Adelaide Metro is an impressive public transport system that covers more significant metropolitan areas to help students travel across the city seamlessly.

  1. Work Rights for International Students

South Australia has multiple industries across varied domains offering casual/part-time work for international students. On successfully availing the student visa, students can work up to 40 hours a week during the span of the course, and unlimited hours during the scheduled breaks or holidays. International Students studying PhD or Masters in research can even work full time in Adelaide.

One interesting fact is that international students studying in any part of South Australia have the same work rights as that of the country's citizens. The work rights for international students include protecting you from:

  • Minimum superannuation and wage.
  • Unfair dismissal from the parttime/fulltime job.
  • Breaks, leave and rest periods.
  • Working in an unhygienic environment.

With more than 500+ occupations available across the city, Adelaide is also a perfect destination for international graduates to gain significant post-study work experience.

  1. Health and safety

Did you know? Adelaide has ranked consistently in the 10 top most liveable cities in the world and the city is also voted as one of the best liveable cities by the Economical Intelligence Unit, considering health and safety as the crucial parameters. South Australia, has an emergency phone number to contact Police Ambulance or Fire by dialling "000" from either a land-line or mobile device. All international students can contact to this number in case of an emergency

  1. An Adventurous City                                                           

Adelaide is surrounded by amazing landscapes such as lush green woodlands, sandy beaches and the vast blue ocean. Mount Lofty and Waterfall Gully are just a 20-minute drive from the city featuring intense hikes through its wild forest areas. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a few adorable Koalas and Kangaroos during your hike.                                                                   

Are you an adventurous person? Well, then you can plan a trip to Kangaroo Island. The Island offers the best of South Australia's natural wildlife and environment. You can spot penguins, witness the amusing sea lions in Seal BBay, and say hello to koalas or kangaroos along the way.

Are all these factors intriguing enough? Have they piqued your interest yet? We’re pretty sure it’s gotten you all excited! 

If you’re looking to study in a South Australia University, we’re here to help you! Fill in the inquiry form, and our expert counsellors will contact you and guide you through the step by step process that will help you fulfil your study abroad dreams.

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