Prepare for studying abroad- New Zealand moves to alert level 1

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Hey there! Have you hit the pause button on your preparations to travel to New Zealand to pursue your higher education because of the pandemic? Well then, here is some delightful news for you! The New Zealand Government has moved to alert level 1. Yes! You heard that right!

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While several countries are struggling to cope with controlling the Covid-19 spread, the New Zealand Government has taken preventive measures effectively; right from amending complete lockdown, to scheduling the virus testing (up to 8,000 tests per day) for the citizens every day. As a result, life in New Zealand has successfully returned to normalcy soon after the government announcement of COVID-19 free nation on June 8.

Wondering how the New Zealand Prime Minister has made such a bold statement? Well, the announcement came right after the health officials confirmation of zero active cases of Covid-19.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern added, “It has been over 17 days since the new case was reported in New Zealand, meantime an additional 40,000 people have been tested, and as on June 8 there have been no active cases. Still, border controls would not be lifted as of now even though we set to roll back all containment measures.”

What’s allowed post alert level 1 announcement?

  • Public events without limitations.
  • Private events such as weddings, functions and funerals without constraints. 
  • No distancing rules at bars and restaurants. 
  • Retail is back without limitations. 
  • Hospitality is back without limitations.
  • They allow public transport and travel across the country.

The recent announcement also encourages sporting events to proceed with crowds in the stands. While most of the sporting competitions in New Zealand have announced plans to restart, the majority will be played with crowd numbers severely restricted.

On a broader level, easing restrictions will definitely help increase New Zealand’s economy. Because at level one alert, the people and the government can resume contributing to the country’s economy, thus quickly they can pull back the economy on track in a few months.

New Zealand Government plans for international students:

  • Holders of a student visa with an expiry date of April 2 to July 9, 2020 (inclusive who were in New Zealand on April 2, 2020) will have their visas extended to September 25, 2020. They communicated the extension via email to all visa holders automatically.
  • Chief economist, Eric Crampton, estimated that over $1 billion would be made if the country’s borders are opened to international students over 6 months. 
  • Universities New Zealand chief executive, Chris Whelan, said the higher education institutes are currently working with government agencies to take necessary steps for the return of international students.
  • Diverse options are being considered, including a plan for the quarantine arrangements that must be put in place to ensure the international students’ safety.

That’s some seriously splendid news for students aspiring to study abroad. So, what are you waiting for? Resume your preparation for studying in New Zealand and get ready to enroll for the next intake in a New Zealand University!

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