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Top 10 Reasons Why Filipino students Should Do An Internship in Australia


As a Filipino student in Australia, you might be interested in bagging a well-paid job in the country. In a competitive but rewarding job market like Australia's, the key to becoming a highly employable graduate is to make your resume stand out from that of your peers. An internship is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself by bettering your resume.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should do an internship while studying in Australia.

Global Work Exposure:

Interning in Australia exposes Filipino students to a global business environment, enhancing their understanding of international work standards. This exposure is invaluable, as it broadens their professional perspective, making them more adaptable and competitive in the global job market.

Skill Development:

Australian internships focus on practical, hands-on experience in various industries. This approach enables Filipino interns to develop specialized skills that are in high demand globally, thereby enhancing their employability and professional competence.

Professional Networking:

Internships in Australia offer opportunities to connect with industry professionals and peers. These connections are crucial for career advancement, providing access to industry insights, potential job opportunities, and professional mentorship.

Improved English Proficiency:

Working in an English-speaking environment like Australia significantly enhances communication skills. Proficiency in English is a critical asset in international business, making Filipino interns more effective and confident communicators.

Cultural Adaptability:

Adapting to Australia's diverse cultural landscape fosters significant personal growth. It enhances Filipino interns' ability to work effectively in multicultural settings, a key skill in today's interconnected global economy.

Career Clarity: 

Real-world experience in a chosen field helps Filipino students gain clarity about their career goals. Internships provide a practical understanding of job roles and industry demands, aiding in informed career decision-making.

Enhanced Resume:

An Australian internship experience on a resume sets Filipino candidates apart in the job market. It signifies international exposure and adaptability, qualities highly valued by employers worldwide.

Potential Job Offers:

Many Australian internships lead to job offers, providing a direct pathway to employment. This opportunity is particularly beneficial for Filipino students seeking to establish their careers in Australia or internationally.

Learning Advanced Technologies and Methodologies:

Exposure to the latest technologies and innovative practices in Australia keeps Filipino interns at the forefront of their field. This knowledge is crucial for staying competitive in a rapidly evolving job market.

You Get Paid

Like a full-time job, the salaries of interns also vary between industries. Based on the insights provided by some of Australia's top job search sites, the hourly pay for interns falls between $20 to $40 based on the organization and role. Therefore, you make plenty of money during the internship in Australia which could cover your course fee or support your further studies.

Each of these benefits contributes significantly to the professional growth and development of Filipino students, making internships in Australia a highly valuable experience for their future careers.

Internships in Australia offer a multifaceted platform for Filipino students to enhance their career prospects. From gaining global work exposure to developing specialized skills and building a robust professional network, these internships are a gateway to numerous opportunities. The experience not only enriches their resumes but also equips them with the adaptability and proficiency needed in today's dynamic global job market.

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