10 ABM Courses (Accountancy Business and Management) to Study Abroad

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The emergence of technologies such as big data and machine learning is also impacting the global accounting services market. This impact is also becoming apparent in the education sector, with the inclusion of topics such as data analytics, machine learning, and information systems as specialization options and modules in many ABM courses abroad. ABM is a good option for those who are keen on exploring accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, management, and other such business-related subjects 

Accountants, businesspeople, and managers have to play a part in the development of not only the global economy but also sustainable businesses. This is where ABM courses come into the picture. These courses aim to arm aspiring entrepreneurs, managers, and accountants with the expertise they need to thrive in their respective fields. Read on to learn more about what it is like to study ABM abroad.

What Does ABM Mean in Higher Education?

Many foreign nationals who want to study abroad wonder what the ABM full form is. The acronym "ABM" stands for accountancy, business, and management. It refers to a group of academic disciplines in postsecondary education. An ABM program at a university develops problem-solving and analytical skills. Most ABM courses in college focus on helping students build skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, and decision-making. These ABM skills allow you to better understand how business enterprises operate, as well as their success strategies and financial aspects.

Scope of ABM Strand Courses for Filipino Students

Every field requires accountants and managers to a certain extent, which means that there is a vast scope of ABM courses internationally. Choosing ABM in higher education means being able to explore many other career options as well. As an ABM graduate, you may pursue a career in finance, human resources, marketing, sales, business management, and so forth. There is an array of vacant positions in the world of corporations that require people with knowledge and skills in the three main ABM course subjects, namely accounting, business, and management.

Benefits of Studying ABM Courses Abroad

There are many benefits to studying ABM abroad instead of going down the domestic route. Here are some of the advantages:

  • There are many top universities that offer ABM courses overseas.
  • Studying ABM abroad means being able to choose from a wide range of course options.
  • Overseas education allows you to improve your cultural competence by immersing yourself in a culturally diverse community.
  • Many countries in North America, Europe, and Australasia are known for their high standards of higher education.

Key Subjects in ABM Courses

Here are some of the most important ABM course subjects. However, it is worth noting that the subjects at your specific school can differ from what a student elsewhere has to take.

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resource
  • International Business

These ABM course subjects equip students with practical skills and knowledge for careers in various business-related fields. Exploring these subjects further is among the ways to build the skills that will help you be ready for an ABM career after your collegiate years 

ABM Courses and Job Opportunities

Are you thinking about what career you can pursue after graduating from college through an ABM course? If so, the good news is that you have many promising career paths, including the following ABM jobs:

Course Name University Potential Jobs
Bachelor of Commerce The University of Auckland Business analyst
Operations Manager
Bachelor of AccountingMonash UniversityChartered certified accountant
Financial Advisor
Forensic accountant
BBA in Entrepreneurial and Family Business StudiesYork UniversityUnderwriter
Chief financial officer
Professional accountant
BBA in FinanceFlorida International UniversityAccountant
Budget analyst
BSc Management (Accounting and Finance)The University of ManchesterAudit Graduate
Management trainee
Sales Consultant

Subjects and Courses that Come Under the ABM Track

Here is a list of ABM track courses available as part of bachelor's and master's programs at universities abroad:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Law and Taxation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
Top ABM Strand Courses

Are you wondering where to study ABM abroad? Here is an ABM strand course list for you if you want to study at a university in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the UK.

Course Name Duration University
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Years The University of South Dakota
BBA in Finance4 YearsTexas Wesleyan University
Master of Business (Economics, Finance, and Marketing)2 YearsRMIT University
Bachelor of Accounting3 YearsCQUniversity Australia
Bachelor of Commerce - Finance3 YearsThe University of Otago
Master of CommerceApproximately 18 monthsThe University of Canterbury
Accounting and Finance MSc12 to 16 MonthsTeesside University
BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Business3 YearsThe University of Exeter
Master of Science in Management2 YearsBrock University
Bachelor of Commerce4 YearsUniversity Canada West

1)  Bachelor of Business Administration

Course Duration: 4 Years

University: The University of South Dakota

About the Course: The University of South Dakota offers a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration program. The program covers a broad range of subjects, including business finance, statistics, economics, marketing, and operations management. Completing 30 credits a year allows you to graduate from the university in four years through this program.

2) BBA in Finance

Course Duration: 4 Years

University: Texas Wesleyan University

About the Course: Texas Wesleyan University offers a four-year BBA program with finance as a major. The university's School of Business Administration has enough expert academics and small classes to let you thrive and gain the necessary skills and knowledge for business-related jobs.

3) Master of Business (Economics, Finance, and Marketing)

Course Duration: 2 Years

University: RMIT University

About the Course: RMIT University has a two-year Master of Business program in economics, finance, and marketing. The program will help you be able to synthesise knowledge, critically analyse business information, and effectively communicate research findings in a career setting.

4) Bachelor of Accounting

Course Duration: 3 Years

University: CQUniversity Australia

About the Course: CQUniversity offers a three-year Bachelor of Accounting degree program with various specialisation options. The program allows you to specialise in management, financial planning, property, plus entrepreneurship and accounting. The program creates graduates ready for jobs in conventional and emerging areas of accounting.

5) Bachelor of Commerce - Finance

Course Duration: 3 Years

University: The University of Otago

About the Course: The University of Otago has a three-year Bachelor of Commerce degree program in finance. The university offers you the flexibility to combine multiple specialisations and graduate through the program with a dual major.

6) Master of Commerce

Course Duration: Approximately 18 months

University: The University of Canterbury

About the Course: The University of Canterbury offers a Master of Commerce program that takes around 18 months to complete. The specialisation options for the MCom program are accounting, finance, economics, management, information systems, taxation, and marketing. Graduating from the university through the program counts as a year's worth of professional work experience, subject to meeting its eligibility criteria.

7) Accounting and Finance MSc

Course Duration: 12 to 16 Months

University: Teesside University

About the Course: Teesside University offers a Master of Science degree program in accounting and finance. What makes the program distinctive is that it focuses on the use of financial skills at organisations. It allows you to develop soft and hard accounting skills and the interpersonal communication skills necessary for effective employment in a challenging business setting.

8) BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Business

Course Duration: 3 Years

University: The University of Exeter

About the Course: The University of Exeter offers a three-year BSc honours degree in accounting and business. It offers a comprehensive understanding of not just the broader context where accounting operates but also business subjects. It allows preparing for an array of career paths, including banking and finance, e-commerce, accountancy, marketing, and management.

9) Master of Science in Management

Course Duration: 2 Years

University: Brock University

About the Course: Brock University offers a two-year MS degree in management. The challenging and rigorous course aims to prepare graduates for entry to top PhD programs or research-intensive careers.

10) Bachelor of Commerce

Course Duration: 4 Years

University: University Canada West

About the Course: University Canada West offers a four-year BCom program with accounting as an elective option. It leads to an ACBSP-accredited qualification, preparing graduates for a business or management career that involves playing a constructive role in the global economy.

For more information about ABM track courses or anything else related to higher education abroad, feel free to contact our counsellors at AECC.

What does ABM stand for in higher education?

ABM stands for Accountancy, Business, and Management. It refers to a group of academic disciplines in postsecondary education that focus on developing problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and decision-making skills. 

How long does it typically take to complete an ABM course?

The duration varies based on the specific course and university. For instance, a Bachelor of Business Administration at The University of South Dakota is 4 years, while a Master of Business at RMIT University is 2 years.

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