Social Work Courses & its Career Scope

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"Sometimes, it only takes one act of kindness and caring to change a person's life - Jackie Chan". Caring for others is a virtue that caters to uplifting those around thereby creating a chain reaction in the transformation of the receiver's life! Social Work is one such profession where you get to be involved in another's life to bring betterment and development to their livelihood. To pursue, this career, what better to study other than Study Social Work Courses?

Did you Know 💡: The Social Work Course includes a wide range of topics that include psychology, human development, social policy, research methods, counselling techniques, and community handling.

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What is a Social Work Degree?

Social Work Course is a highly rewarding program that can transcend into a fulfilling career. Once enrolled on this course, you will learn about addressing some critical issues like fighting against social injustices and taking good care of the victims in general.

What stands as a highlight of the Social Work Degree is that it promotes the development and empowerment of communities and people around them. The experts and professionals who work in this field aim to empower the well-being of the communities around them, helping and assisting them in fighting for their basic rights during any form of oppression against them.

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Overview of the Social Work Courses

Social Work Course is a course program that requires you to have the utmost dedication to support individuals, families, and communities who have faced any form of social oppression in the past. So, as a social worker, you might need to address various social issues like poverty, child welfare, substance abuse, mental health, and much more.

Types of Social Work Degree Courses

There are various social work degree courses available. To be a social worker, you need to have a degree in social work from a recognised university or a college. This involves the

  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Master of Social Work

Even if you have a UG degree in some other discipline, you can pursue a PG degree in social work. A degree in social work is distinct in many ways. The profession has its own body language, values, and ethics. You might do the job of a social worker with a degree that is acquired in any human service field. However, the education that is acquired with a proper social work degree is unique and distinct.

Did You Know💡: While studying the Social Work program, you get to gain On-The-Job Experience!

So, apart from the education that you acquire in a classroom setting, you will also get to experience the kind of work that you will be involved in the real-world setting.

List of Social Work Courses

Anyone who wants to embark on the field of social work needs to have substantial knowledge about social work practice, social welfare policies, and human welfare. This will give them complete knowledge about different units in a society set up. Any social work program aims to address the problems faced by these society setups.

The following is the list of Social Work Courses that are available in the Philippines. They are: 

  • Bachelor in Social Work
  • Master of Science in Social Work (Social Work Education and Practice)
  • Master of Science in Social Work (Social Administration)

Advantages of Studying Social Work Courses

The following are the advantages of studying social work courses.

People-Centric: The primary aim of a social worker is not only supporting people but also training them about the various changes in society and empowering them with better livelihoods.

Diversified Specialisations: There are various kinds of social work involved. They are:

  • Directly working with people or communities who are affected by a social problem.
  • Treating people affected with mental illness or substance abuse.
  • Collaborating with governments and institutions to implement new policies and programs.

Huge Demand: There is a huge demand for these courses anywhere around the world. There are plenty of opportunities in the area of social work.

Degrees from Reputed Institutions: Various reputed institutions are available that offer social work degrees.

Affordable Tuition Cost: Most of the social work courses offered by reputed universities are affordable. But the one thing that you need to keep in mind is to find the right balance between cost and quality of education.

Wide range of Careers: There is a wide range of career options for a bachelor of social work. Your area of work would be as a patient care coordinator, community health worker, and case manager. masters of social work. With a master's in social work, you can work as a school social worker or substance abuse counsellor

Requirements to study Social work courses

To study social work courses you need to have a sense of empathy, patience, and strong communication skills. You need to have a genuine desire to help and also have an understanding of the social and cultural issues. Meeting the requirements of quality social work means having the ability to solve complex social issues with the utmost commitment and sincerity.

Top Preferred Social Work Courses to Study Abroad by Filipinos

Many universities offer a lot of Social work courses all over the world. But you need to find the right course and a reputed university to have a good career in this field of work. There are various top preferred social work courses available

Social Work Courses in Australia



Bachelor of Health (Human Services)

University of Southern Queensland

Diploma of Human Services and Development

University of Southern Queensland

Masters of Counselling (Mental Health Counselling)

University of Southern Queensland

Graduate Certification in International Addiction Studies

The University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Community and Human Services

Federation University Australia

Bachelor of Social And Economic Policy

University of Canberra

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

University of New South Wales

Social Work Courses in Canada 



Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Community Social Service

University of Guelph Humber

Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology - Family Science

University of Alberta

Diploma in Social Service Worker

Langara College

Social Work Diploma

Norquest College

Master of Social Work

University of The Fraser Valley

Bachelor of Social Work

University of The Fraser Valley

Social Work Courses in the USA 



Bachelor of Social Work

Northern Kentucky University

Masters of Social Work

Northern Kentucky University

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Social Policy

University of Delaware

Bachelor in Social Work

Middle Tennessee State University

Masters in Social Work

Middle Tennessee State University

Masters of Social Work

Quinnipiac University

Social Work Courses in the UK



Social Work MA

University of Nottingham

MSC International Social Welfare

University of Strathclyde

MSC Global Mental Health

King’s College, University of London

BA (Hons) Social Work

University of Greenwich

MA Social Work

University of Greenwich

BSC (Hons) Health and Social Welfare

University of Birmingham

Top Universities Offering Social work Courses abroad

When looking for the Top Universities offering Social Work Courses Abroad, you will find that some universities have built a fabulous reputation in this field. However, there can be differences in the availability of student enrollment for those courses. So keep yourself updated to ensure that your application goes through and is shortlisted by the admissions committee during your application process.




Columbia University


University of Michigan


London School of Economics and Political Science


University of Oxford


University of Melbourne


The University of Adelaide


University of British Columbia


University of Toronto


Keep yourself updated on the course availability by looking up the university updates, or better still consult with AECC and get the latest updates on these courses for free! Contact today!

Average cost of studying Social work courses in Abroad

Social work courses are a sought-after course these days. Many students enrol in these courses and take it up as their profession. There are lots of universities that offer social work courses. Let us find out more about the universities and the cost involved in enrolling for the course.


University Name 




The University of Melbourne

Masters in Social Work

12,60,000 to 35,00,000 Peso


The University of Berkeley

Masters in Social Welfare

6,00,000 to 30,00,000 Peso


The University of Oxford

Masters of Social Work

12,00,000 TO 28,00,000 Peso


University of Aukland

Master of Social Work

6,50,000 to 16,50,000 Peso

United Kingdom

University of Greenwich

MA in Social Work

12,00,000 TO 28,00,000 Peso


University of British Columbia

Masters of Social Work

4,00,000 to 18,00,000 Peso

Career prospects in Social work courses for Filipinos

The Career prospects of social work courses for Filipinos are very huge. Let us find the career prospects and the job roles involved in social work courses in the Philippines.



Mental health Counsellor

PHP 4,20,000 per annum

Medical Social Worker

PHP 3,80,000 to 6,50,000 per annum

School Social Worker

PHP 3,50,000 to 6,00,000 per annum

Foster Social Worker

PHP 3,20,000 to 5,40,000 per annum

Substance Abuse and Recovery Counsellor

PHP 4,00,000 to 6,90,000 per annum

Marriage and Family Counsellor

PHP 3,70,000 to 6,30,000 per annum

Top 7 Social Work Jobs Specialisations for Filipinos

Some of the social work Jobs for Filipinos are

1. Community Social Worker:

 This social worker takes care of the physical and mental health of individuals and families in a particular community. They give assistance to live a better quality of life.

A community social worker looks after the health requirements of individuals and families within the community. These social workers work towards providing a better quality of life for these individuals within the community. 

2. Mental Health Social Worker:

A mental health social worker takes care of mental health conditions, counselling, and other support to people with mental illness. Apart from the counselling services, a mental social worker also provides referrals to these people so that they lead a better quality of life.

A mental health social worker takes care of various mental health conditions of individuals. They also provide counselling services and provide referrals for employment opportunities to such people that in turn help them to lead a better quality of life. 

3, Social Worker At School:

Social workers have a great role for students studying at school. They provide mental health counselling to students to deal with pressure related to studies. They also address the behavioural changes that the students deal with and guide them with appropriate social interaction skills.

4. Child and Family Social Worker:

These types of social workers help families pass over certain transition stages so that the family members feel comfortable and safe. This role is important in case the family is undergoing adoptions, or any family reunion as they might be challenging situations for them to handle. They will address the emotional needs of the individuals and families.

5. Hospice Social Worker:

The death of a close family member might be difficult to deal with. Hospice social workers step in such situations and help the family and the individual to deal with the emotional loss.

6. Foster Care Social Worker:

A foster care social worker deals with the emotional and psychological needs of children who are living in foster care. They help with the behavioural and mental health issues of these children. They also help them with proper acceptable social interaction skills.

7. Gerontology Social workers:

These social workers help with old age people and their family members. These social workers address age-related issues of elderly people, and elder abuse victims, and help them to face their end of life.

Serving humanity is the noblest thing of all. As a social worker, you have the chance to work with diverse populations amidst the challenges imposed by society. But it is the most rewarding profession when it comes to professional satisfaction as you are impacting a person's life most positively, and also improving the quality of life for the individual. On the whole, social work courses teach you with empathy, compassion, and knowledge with a lifelong commitment to making a change in the lives of others.

If you are interested in enrolling for a social work course abroad and need assistance with the same, our AECC counsellors are available to guide you and provide assistance for the same. 


1. Which is the best social work course?

The Bachelor of Social Work program from a reputed university is one of the best social work courses available. Apart from this, you can also pursue a Master in Social Work, and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) to have a great career in social work.

5. What is the high salary you can earn by studying the social work course?

If you have a masters in social work degree, you can earn somewhere between 7,50,000 pesos to 8,50,000 pesos.

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