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Study MBA in USA: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!


The USA is a land of opportunity for international students, and MBA graduates are no exception. Every year, thousands of foreign nationals visit the USA for business education due to the endless possibilities that it offers them. Let's explore here the best universities in the USA for an MBA, the requirements and reasons to go for the qualification, and more.

Why Should You Study MBA in USA?

An MBA from the USA is greatly valued around the world. With globally recognised MBA courses, USA promises amazing career opportunities for MBA graduates. The key characteristics that attract foreign nationals to pursue an MBA in USA include the following.

Quality of education

Many business schools in the USA consistently rank high on lists of the world's best MBA programs. Their strong scores across metrics like employability, graduate outcomes, returns on investment, and so forth, prove why they are considered the best schools for business education in the world. An MBA from a top US school will pay off even years after graduation, as future employers will recognise your association with the institution from your curriculum vitae.

Student-friendly visa policy

The USA has student-friendly visa policies. Many employers that sponsor people with H-1B visas usually seek MBA graduates from top business schools in the USA and pay them more than other companies.

As an international MBA graduate, it is possible for you to stay back in the USA for an extra year after you graduate from a business school through the OPT (Optional Practical Training) program. On the other hand, as a STEM student, the program will allow you to extend your F-1 student visa for two more years and work for three years in the country without holding a H-1B visa.

Amazing career opportunities

It is hard not to notice the career opportunities associated with MBA and management programs in the USA, especially in streams such as STEM and HUMSS. Your capability to earn a general MBA in the USA will itself impress most local employers, but a STEM MBA will appeal to them more. You can gain the most exposure during your MBA program in the USA if you wish to launch an IT career here. For instance, you can complete an internship at a California-based tech startup during the program. Gaining a lot of knowledge and skills in tech subjects such as data analytics while doing an MBA will help you grow in your career.

Return on investment

As per the Education Data Initiative, the cost of a Master of Business Administration program does not exceed $63,000 on average. On the other hand, as per a Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, $115,000 is the average starting salary of MBA graduates in the USA. The starting salary of a bachelor's degree holder is $75,000 on average, which is lower than that of MBA graduates. Besides, the starting salary is lower for other master's degree holders than their MBA counterparts. Depending on the institute where you study, an MBA in the USA may pay off in at least one year of being employed on a full-time basis.

MBA acceptance rates in the USA

MBA acceptance rates are not the same at every business school in the USA. The best-ranked universities in the country have acceptance rates as low as 7% to 10% or so. However, there are more top business schools with higher MBA acceptance rates in the USA. The following table shows some top universities with higher acceptance rates.


Approximate acceptance rate

The University of Alabama


The University of Houston


American University


Northeastern University


Florida International University


The above-mentioned MBA acceptance rates in the USA are low – but that said, the status of every application depends on the factors that apply specifically to it, such as: prior qualifications, work experience, and standardised test scores. So, even if a university's MBA programme has a slightly lower acceptance rate, apply with confidence.

Best MBA Universities in USA

An MBA from any of these universities in the USA is a globally recognised qualification that comes with many different specialisations.

The University of Alabama

With its MBA program, the University of Alabama looks to make top-performing and high-potential graduates ready for successful careers in an internationally competitive business environment. The curriculum for the program, with an interdisciplinary approach, puts a strong emphasis on basic business concepts, skills, and knowledge. The syllabus at the University of Alabama combines cases, projects, and classroom lectures. The small-sized MBA classes allow academics to use an array of techniques to offer students enhanced learning opportunities.

The University of Houston

For a full-time MBA program, the University of Houston offers as many as 23 specialisations for you to pick from. This will allow you to sharpen your skills and knowledge in a particular business area and stand out from a sea of MBA graduates. There is also the opportunity to attend evening classes in the second year of the program, allowing you to return to a workplace setting faster.

American University

Through the Kogod School of Business, American University offers a STEM-designated full-time MBA program. It aims to equip you with leadership skills and technological expertise that are important for the American economy. A STEM MBA program is an MBA course combined with elements of the STEM stream, such as finance, IT, and statistics, to name a few.

The MBA program comes with a local internship opportunity and an international consulting project, offering you enough exposure to the domestic and global tech worlds.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University offers an interdisciplinary MBA program with up to 24 concentration options. You can choose two concentrations from the 24 options, allowing you to learn while building a network of professionals from non-business fields. You can connect with your industry-related professionals through the university's Graduate Career Center and access multiple career opportunities.

Florida International University

Students from over 130 nations study business at Florida International University, an institution with faculty members from around 40 countries. The Miami location of FIU offers the benefits of education in an urban, ethnically rich, and multicultural centre. Miami is considered a business centre that serves as a regional headquarters location for many multinational corporations. It is the perfect environment for higher education in international business, with career opportunities that span several dynamic industries.For its MBA program, FIU offers daytime classes at its Modesto Maidique Campus, internship opportunities through the MBA Advisory Board, and a study-abroad opportunity in the last summer semester.

How much does an MBA in the USA cost?

It depends on the school where you pursue your MBA in the USA. As per the November 2022 statistics from the Education Data Initiative, $61,800 is the average MBA cost in the USA. Tuition fees for an MBA at some of the world's best-ranked universities in the US may be exorbitant, but there are more affordable options in the country. The following table shows a list of the most affordable MBA programs in the USA for international students.


Approximate Full-Time Cost

The University of Alabama


The University of Houston


American University


Northeastern University


Florida International University


MBA Admission in USA Eligibility Requirements

The criteria for admission to an MBA program in the USA may vary from one university to another. That said, here are some conditions that business schools usually have in place for candidates:

  • A bachelor's degree in any stream from a recognised school – many MBA and management programs in the USA require a four-year bachelor's degree
  • A university-specified score in an English proficiency test (such as the TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Two or more letters of recommendation (with some universities even requiring three letters of recommendation)
  • Statement of purpose or Letter of Intent
  • A resume
  • A university-specified GMAT score. Only some universities in the USA require GMAT scores for international students.

Job Opportunities After MBA in USA

By design, an MBA program imparts industry-specific expertise and gives training in general management. It also develops soft skills such as communication, organisational skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and business acumen. These are skills that apply to most positions, allowing MBA graduates to find job opportunities in many different sectors. Here are some of the career opportunities in the USA after an MBA, alongside their projected growth this decade and their salaries:


Average annual salary

Projected growth

Operations manager



Management analyst



Human resource manager



Chief executive officer



How much does an MBA cost in the USA?

The actual cost will depend largely on your financial situation and the university you pick. Each university in the USA has a unique fee structure, so it is hard to give an exact number on the cost. That said, the MBA cost in the USA is $60,000 on average.

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