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Canada is fast becoming a popular and much sought-after study destination for international students. MBA in particular, has become more popular in Canada over the last few years, making it one of the three best nations to earn this qualification. Canada is known for its high standards of living and quality education, which appeal to MBA aspirants as well. Here, we will discuss the best universities in Canada for MBA programs, reasons to pursue this qualification, and so forth. 

Why Pursue a Master of Business Administration in Canada?

  • Cost

The quality of education in Canada is almost on par with countries such as the USA and the UK, but the tuition fees are a lot more affordable for international students. The approximate tuition fees for MBA courses at top Canadian universities range between 50,000 and 120,000 CAD. However, the fees for MBA courses at mid-range business schools in Canada are between 25,000 and 40,000 CAD.

  • Work Permit

International students can work in Canada after they complete their MBA programs at designated learning institutions. The post-graduation work permit allows staying in Canada for work for around a temporary period of 8 months to 3 years. As an MBA holder, you can get the permit for 3 years. This means that it can also help you satisfy part of the requirement for permanent residency in Canada.

On a related note, as an international student, you can work without a work permit in Canada for up to 20 hours a week during your academic term (this limit does not apply in 2023) and any number of hours during your academic break.

  • Competitive Salary

An MBA is also regarded as one of the ten best-paid qualifications in Canada. Your employer and experience will determine how much you can earn as an MBA holder in Canada. That said, an MBA graduate can earn an average salary of around 60,000 CAD in an entry-level position. This means that your annual starting salary may even be greater than your cost of studying MBA in Canada. As an MBA graduate, you can pick an employer from start-ups, top multinational companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada.

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Roles Average Salaries in CAD
Financial Controller 90,250
Project Manager 84,900
Chief Financial Officer 151,500
Marketing Manager 75,000
Senior Business Analyst 84,000

MBA Acceptance Rates in Canada

The average MBA acceptance rates in Canada are about 40% for top colleges and universities. There are around 100 MBA programs at universities in Canada, with the top 40 courses being recognised for affordability, student satisfaction, and academic excellence. Generally, the MBA acceptance rates in Canada are higher as compared to the MBA programs in the US, but the statistics regarding admission paint a competitive picture for prospective graduates. To really impress the admissions officers of top Canadian MBA programs, you should have a high grade point average and GMAT score, as well as submit a solid application. In this regard, it pays to hire a student counsellor for help with MBA admission in Canada. 

Types of MBA Courses in Canada

Universities in Canada offer MBA programs on a part-time and full-time basis, as well as with different specialisations and many scholarship options. Besides the following options, there are dual MBA programs with multiple courses, joint MBA degree courses with multiple specialisations, and accelerated MBA programs in Canada.

  • A full-time MBA course in Canada lasts two years and is the best option for anyone who can dedicate the maximum amount of time to their studies.
  • A part-time MBA course in Canada usually lasts longer than the full-time one and suits working professionals better.
  • The length of an International MBA (IMBA) in Canada usually ranges between 20 and 28 months. The International MBA in Canada exposes students to an international experience through integrated curricula, global fields of study, international courses, and several other modes.
  • An Executive MBA course in Canada lasts 13 months. It offers hands-on corporate knowledge that contributes to the personal and professional growth of students.

Best for MBA Universities in Canada

There are around 50 institutions offering MBA programs in Canada, and some of these are highly regarded all over the world. Here, we will discuss five of the best universities in Canada for an MBA. 

University of Northern British Columbia

UNBC offers a full-time MBA program that lasts 21 months and helps you prepare for the ever-growing business opportunities in the country. There are two campuses for the university: one in Vancouver and the other in Prince George. Students gather at one of these two campuses right through the academic year to not only network with one another but also share university resources.

The university recently reviewed the curriculum for the MBA, which added new topics like entrepreneurship, data analytics, and leadership to its already existing course options. There is also a UNBC alumni mentoring program and career coaching that help graduates seamlessly enter the workforce. 

Brock University

This university in Ontario offers master's programs through the Goodman School of Business in business administration, as well as a hybrid of public health and business administration. The hybrid program with part-time and full-time options is the first of its kind in Canada. Its full-time variant allows for the achievement of two qualifications in just two years. A seven-month internship program in the hybrid program offers experiential learning opportunities in Canada's health sector.

On the other hand, the non-hybrid MBA program comes with multiple specialisation options, like business analytics, accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, and operations management. The program is recognised across Canada for the comprehensive curriculum, amazing student support, and real-world approach that it offers. Speaking of student support, the university also offers some programs to aid international students in getting used to living, working, and studying in Canada.

Royal Roads University

The MBA with an Executive Management specialisation at Royal Roads University is the first such program in Canada to be delivered in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The university offers the program on campus and in a blended format, and the duration of the course will depend on which mode you choose. The one-campus program lasts 18 months, whereas the blended one lasts 31 months and allows you to work at the same time as you study. There is also a flexible admission option that may make you eligible for the program if you lack a bachelor's degree but have prior work experience. 

Thompson Rivers University

The MBA at Thompson Rivers University is a customisable and flexible program that you can complete on campus and/or online. The program requires you to do a project or thesis, which will:

  • Give you the applied research and academic expertise, specialised knowledge, and management skills you need to have a competitive edge for success in executive or managerial positions at any organisation; and
  • Serve as an event that simplifies progress into a doctorate program.

The program usually lasts two years, but it also comes with an accelerated option that allows its completion in one year. If you hold a recognised degree in business from an institution in North America, you could move into the second year of this course and complete it in one year of study. Remember that a three-year degree in commerce or business does not apply to this accelerated MBA in Canada. 

Vancouver Island University

The MBA at Vancouver Island University is a technology-integrated program that offers courses in economics, accounting, management, finance, research, technology, and marketing. The integration of technology courses into the program allows graduates to gain specialised expertise on how the technological and digital landscape influences organisational behaviour and industry. The programme includes an eight-week internship that allows you to apply your knowledge to a project with the help of industry mentors and experienced faculty. The university also offers career coaching during the program. 

University Name Program Duration
University of Northern British Columbia Around 2 years
Brock University 1 to 2 years
Royal Roads University 18 months
Thompson Rivers University 2 years
Vancouver Island University 20 months

MBA Admission in Canada Eligibility Requirements

Every university in Canada has a unique set of criteria for admission. Nevertheless, here, we will discuss the common requirements to be eligible for admission to universities offering MBA programs in Canada.

  • A bachelor's from a recognised university, preferably in a field related to business or management.
  • Good scores in an English proficiency test, such as the IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Good GRE or GMAT scores are also necessary for admission to top universities in Canada. Most universities do not require GMAT or GRE scores.
  • Some MBA courses, especially the specialised ones, also require managerial experience and recommendation letters.

Besides, universities will prioritise candidates with work experience, although it is not a mandatory requirement.

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Job Opportunities After MBA in Canada

There are job opportunities in many different sectors for MBA graduates in Canada, including health, IT, education, consulting, and law. MBA graduates are also eligible to work for the Canadian government in different roles, including positions that help run the administration effectively. Management graduates in Canada can also work in technical management, marketing, sales, and product management. All in all, MBA graduates are always in high demand in Canada.

How Much Does an MBA Cost in Canada?

It depends on where you want to pursue an MBA in Canada. You may refer to the cost section above for an approximate estimate of tuition fees or contact our counsellors for more information. Remember that the cost of studying for an MBA in Canada will include more than just tuition. 

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