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Canada is among the best-known study-abroad destinations for international students. What reinforces this notion is the fact that over 600,000 international students got their study permits from the Canadian government ever since the national borders reopened post-Covid. And, one-year postgraduate programs are among the courses that have been one of the top picks in this period. Let's figure out why.

Most master's programs in Canada last 1 to 2 years and are generally a combination of research and coursework. Read on to learn more about the programs in Canada that you can complete in one year.

Why Should You Enrol in One-Year Master's Courses in Canada?

As mentioned earlier, Canada has been popular among international students who seek to pursue higher education qualifications and realise their study abroad dreams for many reasons, including the following. Especially, one-year master's program has been gaining unprecedented popularity due to these reasons.

High Standard of Education

Institutions in Canada provide great education, faculty, research facilities, and job opportunities after graduation. There are high-ranking universities that offer degree courses at the bachelor's and master's levels, including one-year master's programs in Canada. Many of those institutes feature in the 2023 QS World University Rankings as well.


Many international students also look to pursue one-year master's courses in Canada due to financial and time constraints. Therefore, a big factor in your decision may be the lower tuition fees in Canada for master's courses as compared to some other well-known study-abroad destinations. The tuition fees can vary according to factors such as your specialisation, field of study, university, and course duration. Tuition fees at universities in Canada can be between CAD16,000 and CAD52,000, depending on those aforementioned factors.

The element of affordability also applies to the specific course in comparison with its standard version. A one-year master's in Canada does not cost as much as its regular counterpart. Besides, the lower tuition fees in Canada mean that students also get to save on their living expenses in the country.

Course Curriculum

One-year master's programs come with a research-based curriculum that offer hands-on experience for international students through internships, cooperative placements, and industry placements. A strong academic background built on highly advanced research is one thing that everyone with a master's degree has in common. It is a qualification from a short-term course that will also offer you enough practical experience to kickstart your career.

Study Permit

Are you enrolled in a one-year-long full-time course at a designated learning institution in Canada? Do you have a Canadian study permit? If so, you can work off-campus or on-campus for 20 hours or less during the academic term (this limit for international students with study permits has been lifted, allowing them to work any number of hours, till December 2023). If you can work at the same time as you study in Canada, it would mean that your permit has a condition allowing you to work thus. The working conditions in Canada are great, and there is an amazing learning environment for international students here.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

Completing a course that lasts 8 months or more in Canada will help make you eligible for a post-graduation work permit. This means that you can apply for the permit after the successful completion of your master's in Canada with a duration of one year. The duration of the permit depends on how long your study program in Canada lasts. If you have a one-year master's degree in Canada, the permit would last the same duration.

Working after your studies in Canada will help you get more experienced in the area of your choice and boost your earning potential, which will also help you afford your living expenses. You can apply for Canadian permanent residency after gaining the required experience with your post-study employment option.

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What Do You Require for a One-Year Master's in Canada?

International students who seek admission to the one-year courses in Canada must have a relevant bachelor's degree and a fine academic record. There are additional entry requirements to meet for these students, including the following:

  • A GPA of at least 2.7 or its equivalent in your bachelor's degree.
  • You may need to appear for GMAT or another Postgraduate Entrance Test, according to your preferred discipline. In this case, it would be a must to meet the minimum test scores required by the university or course.
  • Minimum scores in an English language proficiency test as specified by the university.
  • The Statement of Purpose and the Letter of Recommendation.

Top One-Year Master's Programs in Canada

There are one-year master's programs in Canada in different disciplines, including marketing, business, engineering, cybersecurity, dentistry, architecture, law, and medicine. These programs put an emphasis on conventional education and practical experience, allowing students to quickly become proficient in what they will have to do at work. There are many cooperative education programs for students who pursue a one-year master's degree in Canada. As a student enrolled in one of these programs, you can participate in exclusive and specialised projects and thus gain the skills you need to succeed in a corporate environment. The best-known one-year master's programs in Canada for international students include the following:

  • Master of Digital Media
  • Master of Management in Finance
  • Master of Global Management
  • MSc in Financial Analytics
  • Master of International Business
  • MBA in Global Banking and Finance
  • MA in Sociology
  • Master of Science in Hospitality Management
  • Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Top Universities Offering One-Year Master's Programs in Canada

There are many top universities offering one-year courses in Canada for international students. The courses offered at these institutions are not only globally recognised, but also offer international students great exposure and job opportunities. Given below is a list of the best Canadian universities providing one-year master's programs.

Western University

Also known as the University of Western Ontario, this is one of the best public research universities in Canada. There are residential neighbourhoods around the main university campus. It is a student-friendly campus with contemporary and Gothic-style architecture, a library with millions of books, an archeological museum, and art galleries.

The institute houses many academics and schools, which include the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and offers programs in engineering, law, medicine, and business. The one-year programs at the university cover subjects such as music, microbiology and immunology, health sciences, media studies, medical biophysics, and philosophy.

York University

A modern and urban university in Toronto with multiple campuses, York University is home to a diverse set of students, alumni, partners, and faculty. It brings a uniquely international perspective to play a part in solving societal challenges, preparing students for success, and driving positive change. York University believes that, together, it is possible to set things right for the planet, communities, and future. The university offers one-year master's programs in fields such as business analytics, real estate and infrastructure, management practice, philosophy, and supply chain management.

University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan (USask) is a medical doctoral university in Canada with world-class research in infectious diseases and other areas of international importance. The main USask campus is on Treaty 6 and Métis Homeland. For your information, it is the native land of a group of indigenous people known as the Métis.

The university works with Canadian communities and across disciplines to discover creative ways of solving the most critical international challenges. The graduates of the university are known for their resourcefulness, determination, and work ethic. So, it is no wonder they are at the forefront of change in Canada and abroad. The institute offers master's programs for one year in disciplines like regenerative sustainability and water security.

Brock University

This university is situated in a community-minded and safe city with stunning natural surroundings. It provides an educational experience that is at par with what is available in some of the best higher education providers in Canada. The university focuses on the careers of its students with service learning and cooperative education options that offer as much exposure to their chosen disciplines as possible. The university offers one-year master's programs in fields such as applied gerontology, business economics (non co-op), education (course-based pathway option), public health, sustainability (Scheme C), and professional kinesiology.

Lakehead University

This comprehensive university has more than 2,000 staffers and around 10,000 full-time students at its campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia. It has the faculties of Business Administration, Engineering, Education, Health and Behavioural Sciences, Graduate Studies, Natural Resources Management, Law, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Science and Environmental Studies. Its two campuses promise a comprehensive university experience, involving academic excellence as well as fun with an array of recreational and social activities. The university has one-year master's programs in business administration and business management.

How Much Does a One-Year Master's Degree Cost in Canada?

The approximate fee of a one-year master's in Canada ranges between $6,500 and $19,000, making these programs cost-effective. Note that the aforementioned range is only an estimate, as the exact fees can vary according to the university, degree, and other factors. On a related note, you can also check out our post on the cost of living in Canada for a broader idea about what it takes to live and study in the country.

A lot can happen in a year. So why not make the most of it by pursuing a one-year master's degree in Canada? With the help of our education counsellors, you'll be able to find the right course for you!

So, Book your free study abroad consultation now!

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