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Study MBA in UK: Universities, Requirements & Tuition Fees!


An MBA abroad is quite valuable when it comes to building a global career. The value of the qualification will increase if you study at a top UK university or business school. Aside from offering programs in most fields imaginable, universities in the UK are known for producing graduates with the capability to thrive professionally. This makes an MBA in the UK an exciting option for those looking to pursue higher studies abroad.

Why Should You Study MBA in UK?

An MBA from the UK is greatly valued around the world. With globally recognised MBA courses, UK promises amazing career opportunities for MBA graduates. The key characteristics that attract foreign nationals to pursue an MBA in UK include the following.

One-year MBA programs in UK

Many schools in the UK have one-year-long MBA courses, which are effective with regard to your cost and time commitments. This is usually a decisive factor for people who look to accelerate their careers or launch new business ventures. The one-year option makes it more affordable for you to pursue an MBA in the UK, while also allowing you to start working quicker and generate a solid return on your investment faster.

Gain an international perspective

The United Kingdom is a culturally compact and diverse country. A UK business school usually attracts a largely international cohort, which reflects the status of the country as an international business hub. This means that your MBA in the UK will be enriched with both international insights and life experiences that will not only benefit your career but also transform your worldview.

Working in diverse student groups will let you understand how business practises and management styles differ between multiple countries, as well as develop a greater sense of respect for others' cultures, norms, and values. Having more cultural tolerance and perspective will allow you to gain greater confidence and independence in your professional and personal lives.

Top-class research

An MBA from a top public university in the UK will let you experience a solid research platform and explore many different ideas in a practical laboratory environment. Getting exposure to research is more important when it comes to an MBA in fields such as science, healthcare, and food technology. It's more important than, say, a marketing MBA or a general MBA. The bulk of the research takes place in a laboratory setting.

Many universities in the UK also have a zero-compromise approach towards research. A good part of university research in the UK is considered internationally excellent and world-leading.

Networking opportunities

There are several benefits to enrolling in an MBA program at a prestigious and top-ranked UK university, including more networking opportunities. With an MBA degree from a reputed UK university, you can gain the status of an alumnus and be part of an international alumni club. When you enrol in the program, you can access a global alumni network that spans many countries.

An international cohort often creates a network that is highly diverse and offers many career benefits. For instance, a strong connection with alumni will aid you in opening yourself up to an array of resources that will benefit your future career.

MBA Acceptance Rates in UK

The term acceptance rate refers to the percentage of candidates that a school accepts for admission. For example, if there are 100 applications, and a school accepts 50 of those, 50% would be the acceptance rate there. Even though there are factors specific to each application that determine its status, it may be a good idea to know the MBA acceptance rates at UK schools. Why? Because it saves you time with regard to university research and planning for the application process.


Acceptance rate (approx)

Cranfield School of Management

30% (MBA-specific)

University of Bolton

60% (general)

Newcastle University

85% (general)

University of Exeter

50% (MBA-specific)

The University of Manchester

40% (general)

Note that the MBA acceptance rates at the UK schools mentioned above may differ from the rates for 2023 and beyond.

Best MBA Universities in UK

An MBA from any of these universities in the UK is a globally recognised qualification that comes with many different specialisations.

Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield University is among the best universities in the UK for an MBA, and there are facts that act as a testament to this. For instance, Cranfield University owns a management school that features in the top 50 of CEO World magazine's list of the world's best business schools. Cranfield School of Management has one of the world's best MBA networks that contributes to global businesses being launched and partnerships being formed every year.

The University of Bolton

The University of Bolton has one of the most affordable MBA programs in the UK for international students. The program covers vital knowledge and skills applicable at most organisations, like awareness of leadership and management practices, systematic and creative approaches to business issues, as well as ways to improve management and business practices. Over one year, the program looks to foster the key intellectual capacities of innovation, research, synthesis, and critique. Read on for more of the best universities in the UK for MBA degrees.

Newcastle University

Newcastle University has an MBA program that offers an immersive and carefully structured experience. The program looks to build the capabilities that graduates need to succeed and be competitive in any entrepreneurial venture or sector, including key skills such as communication, leadership, and critical thinking. The university also has a careers package for MBA graduates that offers an array of resources that work in close association with networking, the classroom, and personal support services.

University of Exeter

The one-year, full-time MBA at the University of Exeter will make you credible, confident, and courageous enough to determine what to do with your life and execute it. Many Exeter graduates have their own business ventures, whereas others occupy positions in public, non-profit, and private enterprises. As part of the MBA program, the university will also work with you so that your values align with your career objectives. As for notable achievements, it is among the top 40 of the Better World MBA rankings of Corporate Knights magazine for the last two years.

The University of Manchester

There is only one simple reason to pursue an MBA at the University of Manchester: the graduates of Alliance Manchester Business School think differently. The school offers you the capability and knowledge to thrive in the modern business world. Alliance Manchester Business School is among the UK's largest on-campus management schools. As per the Financial Times, it is the 12th best business school in Europe, the 43rd best business school in the world, and one of the top 5 business schools in the United Kingdom.

Cost of Studying MBA in UK

The United Kingdom has many schools that offer leading MBA programs with scholarships. However, MBA costs in the UK vary from one institute to the next. Some MBA and management programs in the UK may be coveted and costly, but others are more affordable. For example, the University of Bolton offers an MBA program that costs £14,450 for international students, which is £5,450 more than the fees for their domestic counterparts. The University of Manchester, Cranfield School of Management, Newcastle University, and the University of Exeter are among the institutions with the same full-time MBA costs in the UK for both domestic and international students. These are among the most affordable MBA programs in the UK for international students.



Indicative fees

University of Bolton

12 months


Cranfield School of Management

  12 months


The University of Manchester

15 or 18 months


University of Exeter

12 months


Newcastle University

12 months


MBA Admission in UK Eligibility Requirements

The admission criteria may vary from one school to the next, but you will generally need the below-mentioned for entry into an MBA program in the UK:

  • Work experience of at least 3 years (there are exceptions)
  • A UK undergraduate degree or its international equivalent
  • A satisfactory score in the IELTS or another university-accepted English proficiency test
  • At least two recommendation letters from your academics or employers

Many schools in the UK require GMAT scores for MBA admission. For your information, the GMAT measures your skills in verbal communication, integrated reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning. It is a unique test because answering questions correctly unlocks harder questions with more points up for grabs, whereas wrong answers lead to easier questions, rewarding relatively fewer points.

Job Opportunities After MBA in UK

Top schools in the UK offer students exposure to many networking opportunities, top-quality education, and promising career paths. All universities do not offer campus placements for MBA and management programs in the UK, but counsellors are also available to help you land your dream job.

Speaking of jobs, the UK banking and finance industry always attracts MBA graduates thanks to its great pay, dynamic pace, development opportunities, and other perks. MBA graduates from the UK work in some of the leading financial organisations in the world in many positions, including the following:

  • Finance analyst
  • Leveraged finance associate
  • Finance consulting manager
  • Manager-finance integration and separation
  • Financial management associate

As for non-finance MBA graduates, here are some of the best careers in the UK after MBA degrees:

  • Human resource manager
  • Program HR manager
  • Field marketing manager
  • Business intelligence manager
  • IT services manager
  • Senior business leader
  • Risk management specialist

Which MBA field is in the most demand in the UK?

According to current trends, finance, operations management, business analytics, marketing, and international management are some of the top specialisation options for an MBA in the UK.

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