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Did you know that Ireland is a top study destination for MBA aspirants? Ireland's capital city, Dublin, has several tech companies and financial firms, making it a diverse location and a great place to study for MBA aspirants. As an international student, you may find this to be in stark contrast to the image of Ireland as a rural country with picturesque views and plenty of greenery. Read on to learn about various careers in Ireland after an MBA, why it makes sense to pursue this qualification here, the best universities for it, and more.

Why Should You Study MBA in Ireland?

An MBA from Ireland is greatly valued around the world. With globally recognised MBA courses, Ireland promises amazing career opportunities for MBA graduates. The key characteristics that attract foreign nationals to pursue an MBA in Ireland include the following.

Top universities with MBA courses

Many educational institutions in Ireland have high spots in international university and business school rankings. For instance, the Financial Times regards the MBA courses at Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin as two of the 30 best MBA programs in Europe. These are two of the best universities in Ireland that offer one-year MBA programs. There are also top universities in Ireland with two-year MBA courses, such as Technological University Dublin and Dublin City University.

Student-friendly visa policies

Ireland is among the few nations in Europe that offer a permanent residence visa after two years. After you live, study, and work in Ireland for two years, you can apply for a permanent residence visa. This applies to PR after an MBA in Ireland as well. There are many benefits to becoming a permanent resident of Ireland, including attractive tax regimes, direct entry into any higher education provider in the country, and visa-less travel across the UK.

Low fees and high return on investment

An MBA at Trinity Business School or the UCD Smurfit School costs €36,000 or so. There are quite a few universities with the cheapest MBA programs in Ireland for international students. The average starting salary for an MBA graduate in Ireland is about €50,000 a year. This means that with one year of full-time work, you can recoup the cost of your MBA in Ireland.

A country full of job opportunities

Ireland serves as the head office location for some of the best IT companies and financial service firms in the world. Ireland has financial firms such as Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, and Citigroup, as well as tech firms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The presence of these tech companies has earned Ireland the nickname "Silicon Docks", allowing for lots of jobs to be available to its MBA graduates.

Many business schools and universities in Ireland connect graduates with these companies through their focus on experiential learning. The term "experiential learning" refers to the act of learning by doing something and thinking deeply about the experience.

Besides, Dublin has about 1,500 new companies, making it one of the best startup hubs in Europe. All of these mean plenty of careers in Ireland after an MBA for domestic and international students.

Best MBA Universities in Ireland

Ireland has many universities offering part-time and full-time MBA courses that aim to mould students into productive and efficient professionals. Here are five of the best universities in Ireland for an MBA.

Trinity College Dublin

The Trinity Business School is housed in a modern building on an old university campus in Dublin. It offers multiple MBA and management programs in Ireland, including a full-time MBA course. It is a prestigious university with top-class academics and facilities that looks to develop ethical leadership, sustainability, and modern management values in students. The Trinity College Dublin-affiliated University of Dublin occupies the 98th spot on the global list of the 2023 QS World University Rankings. MBA students get to take part in live consulting projects at multinational companies, non-profits, and small to medium-sized businesses.

University College Dublin

As per the 2023 QS World University Rankings, University College Dublin is the second-best university in Ireland after the University of Dublin. UCD Smurfit School has excellent infrastructure and international academics, making it one of Ireland's best universities for an MBA. The Smurfit MBA offers you an opportunity to build your leadership skills and global network, in addition to accelerating your career. As an MBA student at UCD Smurfit School, you can participate in action learning, case studies, integrated projects, international trips, and international teamwork.

Up to 65% of UCD Smurfit School students are foreign nationals, and the institute has a network of over 4,000 MBA graduates. Alongside study trips, the vast diversity and network of the institute offers you the opportunity to access many different career paths.

Dublin City University

Known as "University of Enterprise," DCU is often recognised in the rankings for young universities around the world. DCU Business School delivers the AMBA-accredited program in a way that can transform you on a personal and professional level. The program aims to develop business leaders who can deliver sustainable and tangible results for organisations with leading-edge, enterprising, and ambitious thinking. The program has been available for over two decades, arming people in senior executive positions with the skills and knowledge to manage modern business complexities and produce exemplary organisational performances.

From the program, you will learn how different foundation disciplines contribute to organisational effectiveness and business leadership. The second year of the program has an integrated phase, which concentrates more on the drivers of operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Technological University Dublin

One of the best universities in Ireland for an MBA, Technological University Dublin offers an Executive MBA for people who seek senior leadership positions in non-profit, private, or public sectors, or even just simply want to be entrepreneurs. It offers a strong grounding in key functional areas of business as well as focuses on many key themes, including sustainability, financial analysis, global business, and strategy and leadership. Besides the 16 modules with these themes, the program has 4 elective options: enterprise sustainability, project management, innovation and technology management, and strategic customer management.

Griffith College

Griffith College offers a one-year full-time MBA that makes you ready for an international business career. The program is intellectually complex, strongly vocational, and academically rigorous. It develops the knowledge and skills you need to focus on key international business industries and teaches you how to be in line with business objectives at a global level. The institution offers access to a vast network of guest speakers, alumni, and academics. The program is considered to be a great blend of vocational training and educational experience.

Ireland MBA Universities Fees


MBA duration

Tuition fee

Trinity Business School

1 Year


UCD Smurfit School

1 Year


DCU Business School

2 Years

€12,750 a year

Technological University Dublin

2 Years

€10,500 a year

Griffith College

1 Year


MBA Admission in Ireland Eligibility Requirements

Requirements to qualify for an MBA in Ireland may vary from one school to another. That said, these are some of the common criteria for MBA admission in Ireland:

  • An undergraduate degree, such as a bachelor's degree or an honours degree
  • Experience working in a relevant field or position for at least 3 years
  • Proof of English proficiency, such as a score of at least 6.5 in IELTS Academic

Some of the best universities in Ireland for an MBA, such as Trinity College Dublin, also require recommendation letters and academic transcripts.

Job Opportunities After MBA in Ireland

There are many different options for careers in Ireland after an MBA. The financial services and business sectors of Ireland recruit compliance risk professionals, accountants, business intelligence analysts, and other adept graduates. Ireland also acts as the headquarters location for many international finance services firms, medical technology organisations, and software giants. The biggest employers that recruit MBA graduates in Ireland include Ernst & Young, Facebook, Allied Irish Bank, Ericsson, Viasat, Bank of Ireland, Microsoft, Groupon, Schneider Electric, and Moog.


Annual salary estimate

Commercial director


Operations manager


Project manager


Business development manager


Director of operations


Supply chain manager


Chief executive officer


Customer success manager


How much does an MBA in Ireland cost?

The MBA cost in Ireland varies from one university to another and from one program to another. For instance, one-year MBA and management programs in Ireland do not usually cost as much as MBA and management courses that take two years to complete. That said, €10,000 to €37,000 is the approximate MBA cost in Ireland. It is worth noting that the aforementioned figure applies only to tuition and does not include the cost of food, accommodation, or study materials.

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