Why do you need an Educational Consultant to Study Abroad?

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You've done your research, you've talked with friends abroad and at university fairs, and yet it seems like choosing a college is difficult? You may want to consider consulting with an educational consultant. Why would someone need help selecting a school or course?

How an Educational Consultant Helps in Choosing the Right University? 

Even though selecting the best university can be overwhelming, there are some great consultants that can really help narrow it down. It would be ideal if you had the guidance of an international education consultant as they give extensive and detailed information about your studies and visa requirements A higher education consultant assists with topics like course selection, country selection, course budgeting, and visa processing. Our counsellors are efficient and knowledgeable about the most recent visa application rules and regulations. They offer simple solutions to complicated situations, and they're familiar with the current immigration laws.

Professional guidance

While you can source out opinions and options from the internet or from your peers, they do not have the experience and tools to it lead you to the correct path. Certified education agents provide great assistance in planning your overseas studies. They provide help in selecting the best university and course in line with your interest and personal circumstance. They will narrow down your options making it easier to identify the right institute and study for you.

Knowledge of education system, visa and lifestyle

Getting familiar with the country where you intend to study is a must for international students. Education consultants can provide you with helpful information on education system, the application process for student visa and many more. And at some point, in time, consultants may had been international students themselves thus understanding the challenges and the kind of help foreign students need when planning to study overseas.

Complete and decision ready

Let's face it, compiling documents and getting them organised can be challenging and at times, confusing. Here's when education agents become handy. They are able to sort and organise your application and supporting documents ensuring that they are complete and decision ready thus avoiding delays and increasing the likelihood of successful outcome.

Career insights

Education consultants are well-informed with the journeys international students endure and that includes the journey after the completion of their studies. Agents are able to provide insights on career pathway and the current trend in the industry.

In summary, Education Consultants allow you to focus more on other important matters in your transition period while they take care of your admission.

How an Educational Consultant help with your financial requirements?

When you're deciding to study abroad, it's not as simple a decision as most people might believe. A study abroad consultant helps evaluate your financial requirements and guides you through the entire process.

When it comes to funding, don't let money hold you back from pursuing your ambition of studying abroad! These advisers help students get preapproved for education loans and save them money along the way. All you have to do is fill out some forms, send in your transcripts, provide proof of residency, and send your tax information. A successful application will give you money to finance your degree while studying abroad.


Education in most countries is not free and in most cases, very expensive. Arguably, cost is one of the major factors that international students consider when planning to study abroad. Are education counsellors able to help lower the cost? Yes! Through scholarships. Counsellors the most updated when it comes to latest offers, available scholarships and the eligibility criteria in the institutes they represent. The amount may vary but it will surely help in easing financial woes.

Can You Trust Your Education Agent?

AECC Global is an official representative of 300+ top universities and institutes across the globe and we take pride in our representation. However, we meet a lot of students everyday who have been misguided by education agents and have lost valuable time and money and even risked their visa. Here are 3 key criterion to identify if you are working with the right agent.

Is your agent an authorized representative?

Any agent can claim to be official representatives of a university or institute. Make sure that the agent is an authorised representative of the institution that you want to apply to. For instance, under Australian Government Law, every Australian education institution that uses the services of an education agent needs to have a contract with them as well as list the agent on their website. You can confirm this by checking the university/institute's website to see if the education agent is listed on it.

Does your agent have expertise in the Abroad Market?

An education agent who has solid experience helping students study abroad. They are the ones who will give you in-depth knowledge of abroad education and Visa requirements. Check if the staff counselling you has experience of being international students in Australia themselves.

Is your agent being honest to you?

Education agents cannot guarantee a permanent visa or work placement abroad after you graduate. Their job is to counsel you on the best education pathway. Steer clear of anyone promising you permanent residency or employment in exchange for money.

What we do at AECC Global to Help Students?

At AECC Global Philippines, we help students with the visa application process from start to finish. We work with students to ensure they have all the necessary paperwork and meet all requirements for admission into their chosen country. We work with students to ensure they have all the necessary paperwork and meet all requirements for admission into their chosen country. 

We are dedicated to helping students through every step of the process so they can successfully reach their academic goals. At AECC Global, we understand that choosing to study abroad is a big decision. That's why our team of experienced consultants are here to help you every step of the way. We'll work with you to create a personalized plan for your education in your dream study destination. Our consultants will work with you to create a personalized plan for your education in your desired destination. Plus, our counsellors are always up-to-date on any new visa arrangements or changes in legislation that make studying abroad easier. So why wait?

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