7 Reasons to Study in Brisbane - Top Universities & Living Costs

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The Sunshine Capital of Australia, Brisbane, has long captivated many students' hearts. With its dramatic beaches, magnificent landscapes, and amazing city vibe, Brisbane is definitely amongst Australia's top cities for international students.


  • 25th best student city in the world.
  • Best world-class education providers.
  • Home to a number of world-ranking universities.
  • Ranks 18th among the world's top university cities.
  • Houses international students from over 40+ nations.
  • Affordable place to study and live.
  • Multicultural melting pot.


Brisbane'sinternational students adore its excellent weather, lots of sunshine and hardly the presence of winter. Being in the temperate climate, the city enjoys basking under the sun with plenty of activities and time spent outdoor.

Best Universities in Brisbane

Brisbane is exceptionally welcoming to international students and has some of the world's top-ranked universities, making it a great destination to pursue your higher education. Students too love their campuses for its old charms fitting their student life. Here is a comprehensive list of the best universities in Brisbane for international students:

Brisbane University List Year of Establishment No.of. Students QS World University Rankings The World University Rankings
The University of Queensland 1909 55,310 46 66
Queensland University of Technology 1989 52,510 217 179
Griffith University 1971 49,600 303 201
The University of Southern Queensland 1969 27,563 701-750 601
Southern Cross University 1994 20,330 751-800 601
University of the Sunshine Coast 1994 18,150 801-1000 601

Weekend getaway

Students too deserve to unwind far from books and assignments. There are heap of places to explore and enticing curious minds discovering the many wonders a stone thrown away from Brisbane. The city is also the main access point to other popular destinations such as Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast and the rest of Australia. 

Friendly atmosphere

The community vibe enables students not only feel welcomed in the city but also be part of the vibrant city. For example, the City Welcome Festival, known as the largest orientation day in Australia. Even better, the strong presence of student clubs, associations and interest groups that creates avenues for students to mingle, network, meet new friends. 

Multicultural events

Brisbane is known for its grand festivals and cultural activities. Students love to take part in these events as participants or volunteers, learning other peoples' culture and ways and appreciating the diversity that unifies the Brisbane community. 

Amazing food and a busy nightlight

Being the cosmopolitan city that is Melbourne, locals and students alike love the multicultural spread of exotic authentic cuisine. From fine dining to neighbourhood eatery and kiosks, students enjoy the varieties of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and many more. Going around the world while in Melbourne, your tummy at least. 

Cost of living in Brisbane

Whilst amongst the biggest cities in Australia, Brisbane is comparatively cheaper than Melbourne and Sydney. Students are able to save up on their expenses but still live comfortably. Part-time jobs are also plentiful letting international students earn money while studying in Brisbane.

Here is a general overview of the cost of living in Brisbane for students: 

Monthly expenses to study in Brisbane Approx. Cost to study in Brisbane
On-campus, fully catered accommodation AUD 2000 - 2800
Off-campus accommodation AUD 480- 1760
Public transportation AUD 50- 100
Food AUD 320- 600
Mobile and internet AUD 80- 120

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