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7 Best Part-time jobs in the UK for international students.


Having been one of the most sought after countries to study in for international students, a majority of students take up part-time jobs to manage their accommodation, food and travel expenses. The UK government’s policies for international students are super friendly and enable them to find work options while studying easily.

While participating in social events, sports and clubs, students can also prepare for the workforce by enrolling in part-time jobs in the UK to set up their career on the right track. Being proactive in finding a part-time job in the UK that suits you best will elevate the chances of landing a job of your choice soon after the course completion.

So, If you are a student aspiring to study in the UK, you will have to buckle up and make some smart choices to study and live comfortably in the UK. We have listed below a few part-time jobs in the UK that could help you earn during your study period in the UK.

1. Teaching Assistant

Are you keen to become a lecturer on completing your course? Well then, why wait until course completion? As an international student, you are permitted to work as a Teaching Assistant! Eventually, you can set your foot in the right door, after gaining some much-needed experience for your teaching career.

Although you can’t commit full time, there are plenty of opportunities out there which will allow you to work for a select number of days in a week. When you apply to either a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) or a teaching role after your course completion, you will have the required experience to prove your aptitude and passion to the employer.

On average, international students can earn £8.00/ hour in the UK as a teaching assistant.

2. Agent - Call centre

If you are fond of communicating with people, Consider yourself, lucky! You could experience immense joy as an agent at a call centre, as it is one of the top-paying part-time jobs in the UK for international students, full time.

In most part-time call centre jobs in the UK, work shifts come into play. For a week, you will have to work all 7 days, and during other weeks, you will have to work for just two or three days, depending on the workload. However, this is an ideal scenario for students, as flexible time patterns will help them balance between studies, work and other errands. Some organisations even offer a special bonus to part-time workers when they bring new customers in. So, don’t miss out on trying this job!

On average, international students can earn £8.15/ hour in the UK as a call centre agent.

3. Customer Service Advisor

One of the most popular traditional part-time jobs across the world is that of a  customer service executive and is in the UK as well. As a customer service advisor, your working hours often vary depending upon your nature of job such as customer support via email, in person or over the call.

Irrespective of the mediums you work on, you will be ideally employed to help customers with refund or enquiry queries. So, if you have good communication skills, you can grab this part-time job quite comfortably.

On average, international students can earn £8.34/ hour in the UK as a customer service advisor.

4. Warehouse Operative

As a warehouse specialist, you will get an opportunity to move across the workplace rather than sitting behind a desk all day. The job role does not restrict itself to packing and picking the available stocks for delivery.

As a customer, we may have gotten frustrated while receiving our delivery with just half of the products ordered. So, from a consumer perspective, you can correlate and get the job done seamlessly. Having a stellar eye for detail is the desired quality for warehouse management experts.

On average, international students can earn £8.61/ hour in the UK as a warehouse specialist.

5. Exam Invigilator

Despite the fact that an invigilator job is not available around the year, this part-time job is a sweet deal during the exam season. Usually, all schools exam in the UK happens during university study breaks & extended summer holidays. Therefore, this gig will help free your time to complete the coursework.

As an exam invigilator, you will be asked to supervise A-Level and GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams depending upon their schedule. Training will be provided based on the requirements (not too complicated). Most exams will be conducted during school hours.

On average, international students can earn up to £9.36/ hour in the UK as an exam invigilator.

6. Care Assistant

One of the in-demand part-time jobs in the UK is that of a care assistant/taker. Before opting for this job, you will have to self assess the required qualities such as compassion, sensitivity, patience, and genuine intent to help people. If you can confidently tick on all these points, then this is the parttime role worth considering to satiate your financial needs. In fact, care assistants are paid very well in the UK.

On average, international students can earn up to £9.45/ hour in the UK as a care assistant.

7. Tutor

Guess what? You can earn/charge as high as £40 an hour for your service as a tutor in the UK. How cool is that! £18.80 is a considerably decent hourly wage and is way above the average hourly pay reported by many international students’ surveys. Right from kids to school students and physically challenged kids, you can lend your service and receive a quality wage in return.

If you have a mountain of knowledge and you are ready to share it, then you should consider becoming a part-time tutor during your course span.

On average, international students can earn between £18.00 and £20.00 / hour in the UK as a Tutor.

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