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Explore the Highest Paying Jobs in Australia for 2024


Exploring the highest-paying jobs in Australia reveals a dynamic job market. From healthcare to IT, and engineering to finance, the landscape is diverse. Surgeons, anaesthetists, and internal medicine specialists top the list, reflecting the high value placed on healthcare professionals. In the tech sphere, IT managers and software engineers command impressive salaries, underscoring the industry's rapid growth. The finance sector is not far behind, with investment bankers and financial managers also earning top dollar. These roles not only offer financial rewards but also demand a high level of skill, dedication, and often, a significant educational background. 

Presenting the top 15 high-paying jobs in Australia, complete with average annual salaries in AUD, showcasing why they're considered the best-paying jobs in the country.

  • Surgeon
  • Anaesthetist
  • Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Legal: Equity Partner
  • Executive: CEO and MD
  • Financial Dealer
  • Psychiatrist
  • Mining Engineer
  • Enterprise Architecture Manager
  • CEO/Managing Director
  • Engineering Manager
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Vice President
  • Director of Information Security
  • Enterprise and Software Architect/Manager


Surgeons top the list of high-paying jobs in Australia, with average annual salaries reaching up to AUD 394,303. This demanding profession requires extensive education and training, offering a rewarding career both financially and in terms of impact on patient lives. Surgeons possess the expertise to perform operations to treat diseases, injuries, and deformities, showcasing their critical role in healthcare. 


Anaesthetists play a pivotal role in surgical procedures, ensuring patients undergo surgery safely and pain-free. With an average salary of AUD 386,065 per year, it's one of the best paying jobs in Australia. This profession demands a high level of expertise in anaesthesia and pain management, reflecting the significant responsibility they carry. 

Internal Medicine Specialist

Specialists in internal medicine focus on diagnosing and managing complex diseases. They earn an impressive average salary of AUD 304,752 annually. Their expertise is crucial in treating conditions that affect internal organs, making them key players in the medical field. 

Legal: Equity Partner

In the legal sector, equity partners at law firms represent one of the top paying jobs in Australia, with earnings that can exceed AUD 300,000 per year. This position reflects a high level of professional achievement and partnership in a firm, highlighting the lucrative nature of legal practice at senior levels.

Executive: CEO and MD

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Managing Directors (MDs) command high salaries due to their leadership roles in shaping the direction and success of companies. On average, they earn around AUD 300,000 annually, though this can significantly vary based on the company's size and industry. 

Financial Dealer

Financial dealers are at the forefront of the finance industry, with average earnings of AUD 275,984 per year. They play a critical role in financial markets, dealing with securities, stocks, and bonds, showcasing the high stakes and rewards in finance. 


Psychiatrists specialize in mental health, offering essential services that impact individuals' well-being. With an average salary of AUD 235,558, it's a highly rewarding field both financially and in terms of societal contribution. 

Mining Engineer

Australia's mining sector offers lucrative opportunities, with mining engineers earning an average of AUD 156,126 annually. These professionals are essential in extracting minerals efficiently and safely, reflecting the country's rich natural resources. 

Enterprise Architecture Manager

With an average salary of AUD 148,000, enterprise architecture managers play a crucial role in aligning IT strategy with business goals. They ensure technology systems facilitate the achievement of business objectives, marking a key position in the intersection of IT and business.

CEO/Managing Director

Reiterating the high earning potential for CEOs and MDs, these roles are pivotal in driving business success and innovation. Their strategic vision and leadership command high compensation, reflective of their impact on the company's growth and profitability. 

Engineering Manager

Engineering managers oversee engineering projects and teams, ensuring projects meet technical standards and are completed efficiently. With an average salary of AUD 132,350, this role combines technical expertise with leadership skills.

Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative analysts, or "quants," use mathematical models to inform financial and risk management decisions. Earning an average of AUD 128,000 annually, they play a critical role in the finance sector, analyzing data to predict market movements and inform investment strategies. 

Vice President

Vice Presidents in corporations take on significant managerial roles, often overseeing specific departments or business units. With salaries averaging AUD 250,000, their strategic input and leadership are highly valued. 

Director of Information Security

As cyber threats continue to evolve, the role of a Director of Information Security becomes increasingly critical, with average earnings of AUD 200,000. They are responsible for safeguarding an organization's information systems and ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. 

Enterprise and Software Architect/Manager

These professionals earn an average of AUD 140,000 annually, playing a key role in designing and implementing IT systems that support business goals. Their expertise in software architecture and management underpins the technological backbone of modern businesses. 

Australia presents a wide array of high-paying career opportunities across diverse sectors, from healthcare and legal to engineering and information technology. These roles not only offer substantial financial rewards but also the chance to make significant impacts in their respective fields.  

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Which industries offer the highest salaries in Australia?

 Healthcare, legal, mining, technology, and executive management are among the top-paying sectors in Australia.

Are there differences in salaries across various Australian cities?

Yes, salaries vary, with larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne typically offering higher wages than smaller cities and regional areas. 

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