Top reasons to study at Edith Cowan University

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Are you looking to study in Australia and start your dream career?

ECU is a world-renowned institution known for its unique teaching methods and top-quality programs. Situated in Perth, Western Australia, ECU has been an iconic part of the education landscape ever since it opened in 1991. The university is the first in Australia to be named after a woman – Edith Cowan – and continues to break new ground in the sector.

Today, ECU is home to over 30,000 students across its three campuses. The university boasts of well-qualified faculty for over two decades now and continues to excel in the same. ECU also has a large international student population, with over 7,000 students from all over the world enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

From Performing Arts to Science and from Business to Cybersecurity, ECU offers an incredible range of courses that cater to all interests and disciplines.

Here are a few reasons to choose Edith Cowan University as your study destination:

  1. Edith Cowan University is ranked among the top 500 Young Universities in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2022.
  2. Edith Cowan University's Graduate Research School was ranked amongst the top three in Australia each year since 2011, with a 94% satisfaction rating.
  3. Edith Cowan University also ranked #1 in Australia for international collaboration and industry collaboration in Biomedical and Health Sciences in the 2021 Leiden Ranking for Research.
  4. The School of Medical and Health Sciences leads research at Edith Cowan University with over 100 researchers and academic staff working across a wide range of disciplines.
  5. Edith Cowan University's World Ready Scholarships and bursaries provide students with financial assistance as they gain world-class education at a university renowned for its teaching quality.
  6. Edith Cowan University has Australia's largest cyber security research and education program.
  7. The Teachers of Tomorrow choose Edith Cowan University's School of Education because they are leaders in education and education research in Australia, especially Western Australia.
  8. For the 6th year in a row, ECU received the top undergraduate teaching quality ranking of all public universities in Australia.
  9. Edith Cowan University has also been rated:
    1. #1 in Western Australia for Overall Experience for Undergraduate Students
    2. #1 in Western Australia for Undergraduate Skill Development
    3. #1 in Western Australia for Undergraduate Student Support
    4. #1 in Western Australia for Learning Resources
    5. #1 in Western Australia for Learner Engagement

With so many different courses on offer at ECU, you're sure to find one that interests you. Whether you want to study Arts and Humanities, Aviation, Business, Computing, Education, Health Science, Medical & Biomedical science, Neuroscience, Performing arts or Social Work, ECU has a course for you.

Edith Cowan University Courses to pursue in 2022:

If you're looking for job-ready study options in 2022, here are the top two courses that should be at the top of your list. These courses are in high demand and they're especially relevant this year, given the changes we've seen in the Australian job market.

Cybersecurity at Edith Cowan University

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the demand for Cybersecurity professionals is skyrocketing. Jobs in this field are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, making it a great time to enter the workforce. With a degree in Cybersecurity, you can find work in computer forensics, network security, data security, and more. Alternatively, you could use your skills to become a security analyst, designer, or engineer. No matter what route you choose, there are plenty of opportunities available for you with the right skillset.

The ECU Cybersecurity program is perfect for students from any academic background. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) recognizes the program, and it is the largest in Australia. With a passion for Cybersecurity, anyone can learn and have a great career path ahead!

Nursing at Edith Cowan University  

If you choose Nursing, you would be on the way to set yourself up for success in migrating to Australia permanently. You will have access to a variety of roles as a registered nurse within the healthcare industry, which is currently booming in Australia. This makes it an ideal time now to pursue Nursing as a career if your goal is to migrate Down Under.

The Bachelor's in Nursing at ECU has multiple entry points. Based on your background and work experience, you may qualify to enter the course at the end of 1st, 2nd or 3rd year. Similarly, the Master's degree is open to students from a variety of academic backgrounds. This globally recognized degree opens gates to a high-growth, respectable career in and outside of Australia.

"The lecturers shared a lot of critical knowledge and practical experience. They really engaged with the coursework and their students. Like myself, many students were also working in the industry full-time while studying. We were able to help each other by discussing the challenges faced and subsequently building a strong network."


Edith Cowan University offers globally recognized degrees and in-demand skills that will help you get top jobs and PR, sooner than you think. Start exploring their courses today and apply early. Our education consultants can guide you through the application and admission processes. Competition for top courses is fierce, so act quickly to secure your spot at Edith Cowan University. Contact us today to learn more.

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