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Top Reasons to Study at International Business University(IBU) Canada


The International Business University Canada is the first independent non-profit university in Ontario that has dedicated itself in its entirety to excellence in higher education. Since its humble beginnings in 2015, The IBU has called itself a "next generation" university, because of of its combination of academic excellence in business education with a curriculum that is modeled to cater to the needs of the future with a global perspective that encompasses the businesses in Canada and around the world.

IBU was recognised as a DLI (Designated Learning Institution) by the Canadian Government in March 2023, it has since met all of Ontario's International Student Program (ISP), thus capable of hosting international students and providing education par excellence.

Fun Fact - IBU Canada is a student-focused university that offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs that are career-relevant and can even be completed in an accelerated time frame. 

Top Reasons to Study at International Business University Canada

Although numerous reasons set the IBU apart from other educational institutions, what IBU believes as its core values and mission is a belief in lifelong learning. This implies that the IBU supports its students both while pursuing their degree, be it, as an undergraduate or higher, and when they will be contributing to the global business community as a working professional. This goes to prove that even after graduating, you will very much continue to be part of IBU.

IBU Canada states that, with their curriculum, you will graduate with the knowledge, and be well-equipped with technical and interpersonal skills, and problem-solving experience. Through these, you will be prepared for roles in businesses in the private sector, community and not-for-profit organisations, and public service. This makes IBU one of the best business schools in Canada.

To elaborate, the reasons to choose IBU from other educational institutions in Ontario from other educational institutions in Ontario are considerable. To break down them into clear points to help you decide more easily, here are some of the Top Reasons to Study at International Business University Canada.

1. Health and Wellness

At IBU Canada, every student's health and wellness is paramount. So, as an international student, should you require any medical emergency, the staff in the Enrollment Services will assist you by providing you with the details of a local walk-in medical clinic, so you can not only address your health issues but also your vision, dental, pharmacy, counselling care options in the neighbourhood.

2. Medical and Dental Plan

Being an international student, you must have mandatory health insurance while applying for your visa before starting classes. IBU partners with guard.me and offers comprehensive health insurance plans that cover emergency medical services. This ensures all the registered international students, such as yourself can receive necessary medical care during your studies.

3. Counselling

Being in a new country completely different from your home country can prove challenging at first. To transition smoothly, IBU offers counselling services to support international students like yourself in dealing with various life challenges. Whether it is adjusting to a new city, or educational environment, feeling overwhelmed, or even homesick, you can reach out to the Enrollment officers for guidance and direction to the appropriate resources the help you with your needs, so you can be assured that you have someone to talk to and get proper assistance.

4. AccessAbility

 At IBU Canada, the Academic Accommodation supports its students with diagnosed disabilities through the development of Academic Accommodation Plans that can be shared with faculty and staff. This includes accommodations like extended test times and digital course materials that follow AODA standards and are available in the Learning Management System. The IBU campus is designed to accommodate physically challenged students with provisions such as wheelchair access.

IBU is committed to providing fair treatment and equity by providing accessible learning spaces and learning materials for those in need of the required accommodations. IBU upholds and affirms the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). For additional assistance in this regard, you can contact AccessAbility Services for proper accommodations to enhance your learning.

5. Campus Life

IBU's campus space is modeled to include large common room areas that are conducive to group discussions and various extracurricular activities like seminars, workshops, and conferences. Through these activities and programs, you can participate and connect with numerous faculty, scholars, public policy experts, and even partners from local to international businesses, even from both non-profit and public sector organisations.

Through this, you can participate in university committees, start interest groups, and enjoy digital library resources by contacting your advisor, thereby enhancing your overall university experience.

6. Academic Advising and Support

Another unique aspect is that every student at IBU Canada is assigned an academic advisor from the faculty who provides guidance on courses, programme requirements, study habits, tutoring, and career opportunities. Because of this, you can meet your advisor as often as needed to ensure that you are on track academically and promptly receive the support you need.

7. Important Dates and Deadlines

IBU Canada emphasises the importance of staying informed about the key academic dates and deadlines. This includes the holidays, term start and end dates, course add/drop deadlines, reading weeks, and statutory holidays, which ensures that you can manage your academic responsibilities effectively. For more information, you can check the IBU Student Services for the important dates and their deadlines.

8. Resources

International Business University Canada offers a variety of student forms that are available for download, which include academic integrity reporting, accommodation requests, enrollment confirmations, course withdrawals, grade appeals, and many more. These resources are designed to support you in managing your academic affairs efficiently.

To help you know more about them you can check them and learn more about them below:


Although we have given you a few of the top reasons to study at the International Business University Canada, there is more than what meets the eye. So why not book your FREE consultation with us and learn more than what you've learned here and make an informed decision about your future study destination? Contact AECC Today!

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