Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) in Australia

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The Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) in Australia offers a golden opportunity for international students to extend their stay after completing their studies. This visa is divided into two streams: the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work stream, catering to students with qualifications relevant to specific occupations Australia needs, and those who have graduated from an Australian institution, respectively. 

Types of Subclass 485 Visas

Based on the updated information from the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs, the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) in Australia is designed for international students who have recently completed their studies in Australia. This visa allows them to live, study, and work in Australia temporarily. The Subclass 485 Visa is divided into several streams, each catering to different needs and qualifications:

  • Graduate Work Stream: For students who have qualifications relevant to specific occupations that Australia needs. It offers up to 18 months of stay, with Hong Kong and British National Overseas passport holders eligible for a 5-year stay.
  • Post-Study Work Stream: Aimed at students who have graduated with a degree from an Australian institution. The duration of stay usually ranges between 2 and 4 years, depending on the qualification, with certain degrees eligible for an extended 2-year stay.
  • Second Post-Study Work Stream: This is for holders of a first Post-Study Work stream or Replacement stream visa who graduated from an Australian institution located in a regional area. The stay duration varies from 1 to 4 years based on several factors, including the regional location of the educational institution and the area the visa holder lives in.
  • Replacement Stream: For current and former Temporary Graduate visa holders who lost time on their original visa due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The stay duration is usually between 18 months and 6 years, matching the original visa's grant period, with specific exceptions for extended stays.

Applying for Post-study Work Visa Australia (Subclass 485 Visa)

The eligibility criteria for the Post Study Work Visa in Australia (Subclass 485 Visa) is crucial for international students planning to extend their stay after completing their education in Australia. Here's a concise overview of the key requirements:

  • Age Limit: Applicants must be under 50 years of age.
  • Recent Student Visa Holder: Must have held a Student (subclass 500) visa in the last six months.
  • AFP Check: Evidence of having applied for an Australian Federal Police check is required upon application.
  • English Language Proficiency: Proof of the required level of English language proficiency must be included with the application.
This visa is segmented into two streams: the Post-Study Work stream, for students who have graduated with a degree from an Australian education provider, and the Graduate Work stream, tailored for students with skills and qualifications relevant to specific occupations in need in Australia. For the latter, a nomination of an occupation from the skilled occupations list and a skills assessment for the nominated occupation are necessary.

Duration and Conditions for Subclass 485 Visa

The Subclass 485 Visa, known as the Temporary Graduate Visa, is a pivotal pathway for international students in Australia, aiming to gain work experience post-graduation. This visa is split into two streams, each with specific durations and conditions tailored to the needs of recent graduates.

  • Graduate Work Stream: Offers up to 18 months of stay, designed for students with skills and qualifications relevant to occupations in demand in Australia. This duration has been temporarily extended to 24 months under certain conditions.
  • Post-Study Work Stream: Allows a stay of 2 to 4 years, dependent on the qualification level achieved by the graduate. Notably, certain degree holders may qualify for an additional two-year extension, providing a valuable opportunity to deepen their work experience in Australia.

Key conditions for holders of the Subclass 485 Visa include maintaining adequate health insurance, adherence to the visa's work limitations, and compliance with Australian laws and regulations. Applicants can also include family members in their application, subject to meeting health and character requirements.

Benefits of Post-study Work Visa

The Post-study Work Visa, specifically the Subclass 485 Visa, offers a wide range of benefits for international graduates in Australia, providing a seamless transition from education to employment. This visa not only facilitates practical work experience in Australia but also paves the way for further professional development and opportunities.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Work Experience: Gain valuable work experience in your field of study within Australia's dynamic job market.
  • Full Work Rights: Enjoy unrestricted work hours and the flexibility to switch employers, enhancing your career prospects.
  • Extend Your Stay: Utilize the opportunity to stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years post-graduation, depending on your qualifications.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: This visa can serve as a stepping stone towards permanent residency in Australia.
  • Include Family Members: You have the option to include your family members in your visa application, allowing them to live, study, and work in Australia.

Finding Employment in Australia Using a Study Work Visa

Leveraging a study work visa, specifically the Subclass 485 Visa, can significantly enhance your prospects of finding employment in Australia post-graduation. This visa not only allows international graduates to remain in Australia but also to gain valuable work experience in their field of study. Here's how to maximize your employment opportunities with a Subclass 485 Visa:

  • Utilize Career Services: Many Australian educational institutions offer career services to their students and alumni, providing job search resources, resume advice, and networking opportunities.
  • Professional Networking: Engage in networking through professional associations related to your field of study, attend industry conferences, and participate in seminars to connect with potential employers.
  • Australian Job Portals: Make extensive use of Australian job search websites and platforms like SEEK, Indeed, and LinkedIn to find job listings that match your qualifications and interests.
  • Work Rights: Take advantage of the full work rights granted by the Subclass 485 Visa, allowing you to work in any sector and change employers, which can increase your chances of finding a job that suits your career goals.
  • Skillset Enhancement: Use the time during your visa period to enhance your skills through further education, training, or certifications relevant to your field, making you a more attractive candidate to employers.

Tips and Strategies to Get a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) in Australia

Securing a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) in Australia is a strategic step for international students aiming to extend their stay for work or further study. This visa offers a bridge between student life and professional employment, providing valuable work experience in Australia. Here are some essential tips and strategies to enhance your chances of obtaining the Subclass 485 Visa:

  • Ensure Eligibility: Verify that you meet all the criteria, including the Australian study requirement, age limit, and English language proficiency.
  • Organize Documents Early: Gather necessary documents well in advance, including graduation certificates, English language test results, and Australian Federal Police checks.
  • Choose the Right Stream: Decide between the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work stream based on your qualifications and career goals.
  • Apply Promptly: Submit your application within six months of completing your course to avoid any eligibility issues.
  • Health Insurance: Maintain adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia, as this is a crucial requirement for the visa.

Challenges and Pitfalls

The journey to secure a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) in Australia can be rewarding yet it's a complex process. Understanding the challenges and pitfalls associated with this visa is crucial for international students aiming to extend their stay for work or further studies. Here, we outline some of the common hurdles and potential missteps to watch out for.


  • Tight Application Deadlines: Ensuring all documents and applications are submitted within the six months following course completion can be stressful and requires meticulous planning.
  • Meeting Eligibility Requirements: The criteria for English language proficiency, Australian study requirements, and specific qualifications can be stringent and difficult for some applicants to meet.
  • Health Insurance Requirements: Maintaining adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay is mandatory and can be overlooked by applicants unfamiliar with the specifics of Australian health policies.


  • Incorrect Stream Selection: Choosing between the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work stream without fully understanding the implications can lead to eligibility issues and affect future visa applications.
  • Documentation Errors: Incomplete or incorrect documentation can lead to delays or rejection of the visa application, emphasizing the need for accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Underestimating Processing Times: Applicants may not account for varying processing times, which can impact their plans for employment or further study.

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