International College Portsmouth: Gateway to Global Education in the UK

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International College Portsmouth (ICP), in partnership with Navitas UK, stands as a symbol of global education, offering international students a seamless transition into the UK's academic landscape. ICP provides pathway programs designed to foster academic success, cultural acclimatization, and career readiness, positioning itself as a crucial step for students aiming to thrive in a global setting. This blog explores how Navitas equips students for success at ICP, detailing the study pathways, course offerings, fee structures, application process, and unique educational opportunities available at this esteemed institution.

How Navitas Prepares Students for Academic Success at International College Portsmouth

Navitas, a global education leader, collaborates with ICP to deliver tailored pathway programs that prepare international students for the rigours of UK higher education. These programs focus on enhancing language proficiency, critical thinking, and study skills, ensuring students are well-equipped for academic challenges. Navitas' comprehensive support system includes personalized academic guidance, access to modern learning resources, and a nurturing environment that fosters student growth and development. This preparation is key to enabling students to seamlessly transition into their chosen degree programs at the University of Portsmouth, known for its teaching excellence and research prowess. 

How the Application Process Works

  • Submit an application
  • Wait to receive your offer
  • Accept Your Offer
  • Pay the tuition fee deposit
  • Receive your CAS letter
  • Submit your student route visa application
  • Book your accommodation
  • Registration and enrolment
  • Bring your documents for registration

Courses and Fee Structure for International Students through Navitas

ICP offers a diverse range of pathway programs in partnership with Navitas, catering to a broad spectrum of academic interests and career aspirations.ICP have the following Study options Pre-Sessional English, Undergraduate, Postgraduate.

These programs are structured to meet the university's academic standards while addressing the specific needs of international students.

The UG Courses include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Architecture, Design, and Fashion
  • Business and Management
  • Computing
  • Media and Games Technologies
  • Engineering
  • Property and Surveying
  • Law, Politics, and International Relations
  • Mathematics
  • Science

And PG Courses include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Art, Architecture, and Design
  • Business and Management
  • Education
  • International Relations and Criminal Justice
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Science and Engineering

Fee structures for these programs are competitive and transparent, with foundation and pre-master's programs tailored to provide value and access to quality education. Fees typically range depending on the program and duration, with financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to help eligible students manage costs effectively. 

Specific Intakes and Unique Courses at International College Portsmouth through Navitas

ICP has several intakes throughout the year, typically in September, January, and June, offering flexibility for students to begin their studies at a time that suits them best. The University of Portsmouth, in collaboration with ICP, offers unique courses and research opportunities in areas such as cyber security, sports science, and sustainable architecture. Navitas pathways not only provide direct access to these innovative courses but also ensure students are academically prepared to excel in these fields, highlighting the institution's commitment to delivering cutting-edge education and research opportunities. 

International College Portsmouth, through its Navitas partnership, embodies the essence of global education in the UK. With a focus on academic preparation, comprehensive support, and access to unique educational opportunities, ICP is a pivotal gateway for international students seeking to achieve academic excellence and global career success.

In conclusion, AECC, a renowned study abroad consultant, is dedicated to assisting international students in navigating their journey to International College Portsmouth through Navitas. With AECC's support, students can confidently pursue their educational aspirations and unlock a world of opportunities at ICP. 


How does the pathway program at ICP through Navitas prepare me for a degree at the University of Portsmouth?

The pathway program at ICP, delivered in partnership with Navitas, prepares you by enhancing your English language proficiency, academic skills, and subject knowledge, ensuring you meet the University of Portsmouth's academic standards and are ready for your degree studies. 

Are there scholarships available for international students at ICP?

 Yes, ICP offers various scholarships and financial aid options for eligible international students to support their studies and make education more accessible.

What is the duration of pathway programs at ICP through Navitas?

Pathway programs at ICP vary in duration, typically ranging from one to four semesters, depending on your chosen program and academic needs. This flexible structure is designed to accommodate different levels of preparation and ensure a smooth transition to your degree program. 

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