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Tourism management is a well-known discipline in post-secondary education because tourism happens to be among the world's largest sectors with an increasing requirement for skilled professionals. Many international students pursue tourism-related careers, which indicates how popular this field is in tertiary education. Many schools offer tourism management courses, including bachelor's programs. Here, we are discussing what tourism management is as a field of study, the benefits of pursuing a foreign bachelor's degree in it, the best universities for the qualification, and more.

What is Tourism Management?

A higher education discipline, tourism management focuses on the business and management aspects of a part of the hospitality industry. With a bachelor's degree in this field, you can understand the many different aspects of this industry, like hospitality, leisure, and travel, as well as strategies for promoting and managing tourist destinations. You will graduate from a bachelor of tourism management or similar program with a well-rounded education in many key business aspects as well. There is a wide variety of subjects in tourism management education, including finance, operations, sustainability, and marketing.

Benefits of Pursuing a Bachelor's in Tourism Management

Tourism is a sector that plays a vital role in many global economies, but some countries rely more on it as a source of revenue than others. A bachelor's degree in tourism management prepares you for a career in this industry, which keeps growing. Here are a few reasons why you should pursue this degree:

Multicultural Exposure

Studying in a foreign country will allow you to not only experience a different culture and traditions but also understand another country's approach to tourism. This experience and exposure can aid you in better understanding the diverse preferences and requirements of tourists from around the world. This understanding can also help you become better at cross-cultural communication, which is an important skill in the industry.

Networking Opportunities

A study-abroad experience can also help you create an international network of professional contacts as it will allow you to meet individuals from different countries, including academics, industry professionals, and fellow students. This can be an invaluable network with regard to finding tourism management jobs and building a career in this field.

Language Skills

Even if you decide to study tourism management in an English-speaking country, you can learn a new language through your interactions with other citizens. It is important and invaluable to know multiple languages for a successful career in the hospitality industry. The industry values multilingualism highly.

Industry Knowledge

Pursuing a bachelor's degree in tourism management in a foreign nation will also allow you to gain knowledge and perspectives specific to the industry. You can learn from academics with experience in tourism and visit tourist attractions abroad, which can also help you understand the industry in a better way.

Personal Growth

A study-abroad experience can also help you grow at a personal and professional level, and the same goes for tourism management. It will allow you to step away from your comfort zone and develop a strong sense of independence, which can go a long way towards building an effective career in this industry.

Types of Bachelor's Degrees in Tourism Management

There are many types of common undergraduate degrees with tourism management as a specialisation, including bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, and bachelor of business administration. There are also rare undergraduate programs with tourism management specialisations, like the bachelor of commerce, but we will stick to the more common courses here. Each of these tourism management courses may be slightly different, but they all look to offer students the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the industry.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

The bachelor of science in tourism management focuses on both the technical and scientific aspects of tourism. It covers subjects like hospitality management, tourism marketing, tourism planning and development, sustainable tourism practices, and tourism economics. If you pursue a bachelor of science in tourism management, you may learn about how tourism impacts society, various cultures, and even the environment.

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management

This undergraduate degree program puts an emphasis on the humanities and liberal arts aspects of tourism. A BA program in tourism management usually covers subjects like cultural tourism, tourism marketing, tourism policy and planning, hospitality management, and tourism history.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism Management

This undergraduate degree program focuses on the management and business aspects of tourism. It usually includes topics like tourism marketing, hospitality management, tourism operations management, tourism policy and planning, and tourism finance. If you join a BBA program in tourism management, you may learn about the ethical and legal issues associated with the tourism sector.

Best Universities for a Bachelor's in Tourism Management

When you wish to occupy a senior position or launch your own business in this industry, it is imperative to have a degree in tourism. In the degree program, you will gain the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge you need in order to have a deeper perspective on how hospitality businesses work. Read on for some of the best universities where you may want to pursue the qualification.

Griffith University

Griffith University offers a bachelor's program in international tourism and hotel management through its Gold Coast and Nathan campuses. In this program, you gain a comprehensive and thorough understanding of tourism as well as develop skills in core business areas like financial management, leadership, and strategic and marketing management. The program gives you an idea of how to handle employment relationships in a context that is culturally diverse and has an activity that integrates the application of what you learn in class at work. The work-integrated activity in the program shows how committed the university is to making its graduates ready for work-life success.

Florida International University

The FIU-affiliated Chaplin School offers a bachelor's program in hospitality and tourism management. The program covers a wide range of subjects in a way that they relate to the industry, including accounting, law, human resources, and financial analysis. The hospitality and tourism management program has professionals who have real-life experiences, besides a top-notch curriculum, that offers a strong foundation in finance, business management, accounting, operations, and logistics to make you job-ready. The course also allows you to participate in the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, an event with some of the best talents from the world of culinary arts, as well as wineries and spirits businesses.

Western Sydney University

WSU offers a Bachelor of Tourism and Event Management program that takes three years to complete. The program combines event management, business, marketing, social science, and tourism management subjects to make you ready for roles in the visitor economy and the hospitality industry. You can pick from a variety of majors that include options like environmental management, marketing, heritage, place management, event management, sports planning, and sustainability. You will complete fieldwork, have opportunities to participate in international field placements and trips, and engage with government and industry stakeholders.

The University of Plymouth

Plymouth Business School offers an International Tourism Management degree, which takes three years to complete and has an optional placement year. With it, you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to be employable and successful as an international tourism business manager. The partnership of the university with ABTA and its Tourism Management Institute accreditation allow you to access an array of exclusive opportunities and information in hospitality. The University of Plymouth is also acknowledged as an Institute of Travel and Tourism Centre of Excellence. The university also has a careers service team that supports students from when they start their degree program to even three years after they graduate from it.

Edith Cowan University

ECU has a bachelor's degree program in hospitality and tourism management. The program focuses on sustainable tourism development, food and beverage management, service experience management, marketing and communications for the service industries, event management, and business identity and protocols. There is also the option to further specialise in disciplines like marketing, event management, international business, and human resource management. From the program, you will gain the professional perspectives and competencies necessary for a middle- or senior-managerial-level role at a contemporary hospitality organisation. As per ShanghaiRanking's Academic Ranking of World Universities, ECU is among the 30 best universities in the world for higher education in hospitality and tourism management.

University name

Course name

Full-time duration

Griffith University

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

3 years

Florida International University

BS in Hospitality Management

4 years

Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Tourism and Event Management

3 years

The University of Plymouth

BSc (Hons) International Tourism Management

3 years (plus optional placement year)

Edith Cowan University

Bachelor of Hospitality and tourism management

3 years

Entry Requirements for a Bachelor's in Tourism Management

Each school may have its own criteria for entry into a bachelor's degree in tourism management. That said, the following requirements commonly apply to the degree:

  • Successful completion of Year 12
  • Proficiency in English

For a Filipino candidate, some schools are also open to testing your English proficiency through a telephone interview. There may be other requirements to satisfy, depending on the country and/or university where you apply. For instance, you may have to provide your prior academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a personal essay to qualify for a bachelor of tourism management or comparable degree program. It is important to check the criteria for the course you are thinking about joining. Contact the admissions office of your university of choice or our educational counsellor for further information about the course.

Careers After a Bachelor's in Tourism Management

Tourism management jobs are diverse and exciting, with lots of opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. A tourism management degree covers subjects like business management, human resources, sustainability, project management, cross-cultural awareness, marketing fundamentals, and a lot more. The skills and knowledge you acquire from the degree are useful in a wide range of careers.

With a bachelor of tourism management degree, you can also pursue a career in many segments of the tourism industry, which includes hotels, travel agencies, tourism boards, and resorts. There is an increasing focus on sustainable tourism nowadays, so you may look for opportunities in responsible tourism or ecotourism as well.

What is Tourism Management at the Bachelor's Level?

It is available as an undergraduate degree that teaches you about tourism as well as its related subjects like hospitality, event management, and travel, to name a few.

Need help choosing the best bachelor's program in tourism management for you in a foreign country? Our counsellors are always at your service to help you make the best possible choice.

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