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5 Job Hunting Tips & Guides for International Graduates


As a new graduate, venturing in the job market can be a daunting ordeal but it can also lead you to your dream career. We’ve listed 5 job hunting tips & guides that will help you gain the advantage. Remember that you need to have a valid visa such as Temporary Graduate visa to be able to work in Australia after completing your studies.

Be a professional job hunter

In the competitive world of job seekers, fresh graduates like you have to be smart to increase the chance of getting invited for an interview and ultimately your first job offer. But, what does it mean to be a professional job hunter? Your approaches in job searching should be smart and efficient. With the emergence of diverse options in sending applications, you are able customise or simply complete the forms in job search websites to build your resume/curriculum vitae. Another important aspect is time management. Managing your time allows you to focus in searching for related job vacancies and its requirements.

One of the major turn-offs for recruiters are messy resume/curriculum vitae and generic cover letters. As a rule of thumb, you are only to include relevant experiences and qualifications to the post you are applying for and highlighting them in your cover letter. The purpose is to entice the hiring officer and allowing them to see your potential. You should always tailor fit your qualifications, experiences and strengths to the requirements of the position.

Practice makes perfect. Performing mock interviews help prepare interviewees for the actual one. In time, you will develop strategy on how to accurately answer questions and on how to calm your nerves.

Opportunities with volunteer jobs and internships

Increase your employability with a relevant working experience in Australia. Whilst, volunteer jobs may not be as attractive as it sound, earning work experience is. With the reference letter at hand after completing your volunteer work, you now have an actual Australian work experience, similarly with internships. Both opportunities are able to open networks which could potentially lead you to your dream job. Growing professional networks will be discussed in the next point.

Investing in professional network

A very actionable step in expanding your network is through your professional organisation. These accredited organisations are responsible for enforcing and protecting the best interest of the occupations and workers it oversees. Seminars, conferences and student events are sponsored by the organisation that provides an avenue where you can meet representatives from different companies.

As a newly graduate student, you need to build your LinkedIn account. It is a social networking platform like Facebook and Instagram, but designed for the business community. One main advantage of LinkedIn over traditional job hunting, according to one study, is that 94% of recruiters and hiring managers are on LinkedIn and there’s only 36% job seekers. Meaning the opportunity of connecting to a potential employer is high as it is not congested. And how do you attract the potential employers in LinkedIn? A well thought profile and network will help make the difference.

Your ex-colleagues and bosses can recommend your skills and provide endorsements by which your future employers can based their decision. With LinkedIn, you can follow companies, obtain news and updates on vacancies, and their current employees.

Another study shows that there’s a significant increase in successful job seekers who used LinkedIn than traditional method.

Broaden your horizon

It is a known fact that competition is steep with new graduates and experienced workers competing for same positions. Broadening your search in terms of location could be fruitful too, not to mention opportunities present in regional areas and in other states. Do not be afraid to take the risk and venture into the unknown. Collection information and do your research on the new location so you can make the necessary preparation to have a smooth transition.

Enrol in Professional Year Program (Accounting, IT and Engineering)

International graduates of Accounting, IT and Engineering courses in Australia should consider enrolling in Professional Year (PY) to increase their employability. PY program provides guidance in enhancing resume/CV and interview skills. Through its internship program, graduates are given opportunity to experience and understand the Australian workforce and gain relevant work experience.

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