PTE Exam Syllabus
A Complete Guide


PTE Exam Syllabus
A Complete Guide

The PTE exam, renowned for its clarity and straightforward layout, is segmented into three principal sections: Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. With diligent preparation, acing this exam becomes an achievable milestone. Every section is evaluated on its own merit, culminating in a comprehensive PTE score. Dive deeper as we unravel the intricacies of each segment in the subsequent sections.  PTE exam syllabus meticulously gauges a candidate's holistic language skills. Whether you're a student with global ambitions or an aspirant seeking migration to English-speaking terrains, a profound understanding of the PTE pattern and syllabus is your gateway to success. 

PTE Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic exam, a globally recognized English language proficiency test, is designed to assess the language skills of non-native English speakers in an academic context. It encompasses a comprehensive pattern and syllabus, evaluating a wide range of skills through its three main sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each section focuses on different aspects of language use, from verbal communication and writing proficiency to reading comprehension and auditory understanding. The exam's structured format and diverse syllabus make it a thorough measure of English language proficiency, catering to the needs of universities, professional associations, and employers worldwide.

PTE Exam Pattern & Syllabus - Reading Section

The PTE Reading section stands as a pivotal aspect, stretching approximately between 29 to 30 minutes. This segment delves into a candidate's proficiency in comprehending written texts, mapping their ability to decipher information with clarity.

Here is the comprehensive guide for PTE reading pattern


Task Type

Task Description

Time Allotted


Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer

Choose one correct answer from multiple choices

29 - 30 minutes in total

Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers

Choose multiple correct answers from multiple choices

Re-order Paragraphs

Re-arrange the text paragraphs in correct order

Fill in the Blanks

Drag and drop missing words into the gaps in a text

Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

A text with gaps, fill each gap from a drop-down list

PTE Exam Syllabus - Listening Section

The PTE Listening section is an immersive experience demanding sharp auditory skills. In this section, candidates will be presented with audio or video clips that play just once, underscoring the importance of attentive listening. These clips are automated, eliminating any room for pauses or replays. Should the need arise, examinees have the autonomy to adjust the volume via a control bar, ensuring optimal clarity. Here's a concise breakdown of what awaits in the PTE Listening Section:

Spanning a duration of 30 to 43 minutes, the section covers a range of tasks. Here is the complete pattern of the PTE listening exam


Task Type

Task Description

Time Allotted


Summarize Spoken Text

Summarize a short lecture or talk

30 - 43 minutes in total

Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers

Choose multiple correct answers from what you heard

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the missing words in a transcription

Highlight Correct Summary

Choose the summary that best matches the recording

Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer

Choose one correct answer from what you heard

Select Missing Word

Identify the missing word in a recording

Highlight Incorrect Words

Identify errors in a written transcription of a recording

Write from Dictation

Listen to a recording and type what you hear

PTE Exam Syllabus - Speaking and Writing Section

The PTE Speaking and Writing section is a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's verbal eloquence and writing finesse. For the speaking aspect, candidates are tasked with introducing themselves, reading extracts from academic texts, and more, all aimed at gauging their spoken English aptitude. Similarly, the writing portion probes into a candidate's capability to craft academic responses or articulate essays on diverse topics. Cumulatively, the Speaking and Writing Section spans between 54 to 67 minutes.

Here's an intricate breakdown: 


Task Type

Task Description

Time Allotted

Speaking & Writing

Personal Introduction

Introduce yourself verbally

1 minute

Read Aloud

Read a text aloud

15-30 seconds per text

Repeat Sentence

Hear a sentence and repeat it verbatim

10-15 seconds per sentence

Describe Image

Describe an image in detail

25 seconds per image

Re-tell Lecture

Listen to a lecture and then summarize it

40 seconds per lecture

Answer Short Question

Answer a question based on a prompt

10-12 seconds per question

Summarize Written Text

Summarize a text in one sentence

10 minutes per text

Write Essay

Write a 200-300 word essay

20 minutes per essay

In certain cases, PTE Academic holds more significance than General PTE. To succeed, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the PTE exam pattern and preparation methods. During the test, candidates face questions related to real-life tasks that require a substantial command of the English language. These tasks necessitate comprehension of spoken content in recordings. Furthermore, the exam evaluates your skills in comprehending presentations, composing messages, grasping the fundamental concepts of news articles, and participating in discussions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The total duration of the PTE exam is around 2 hours.
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