TOEFL Exam - Eligibility Guide


TOEFL Exam - Eligibility Guide

The TOEFL exam, a renowned test assessing proficiency in the English language, has some unique features when it comes to eligibility. While the ETS, the authority conducting the exam, hasn't set any stringent criteria, a few general requirements stand out. Most prominently, candidates should have completed their 10+2 level of education from an accredited institution and be in possession of a valid passport. Even though the typical age to meet TOEFL exam eligibility in the Philippines is 18, younger aspirants can also sign up for the exam, provided their parents accompany them through the registration process. An essential component for students seeking academic opportunities in English-speaking nations, the TOEFL test measures reading, listening, writing, and speaking abilities in a university context. Moreover, those who opt to take the TOEFL at home have distinct criteria concerning equipment and environment to ensure standardisation. Remember, always carry a photo ID and the confirmation printout detailing your registration number during the exam.

Age Limit for TOEFL Exam

When diving into the specifics of the TOEFL age limit in the Philippines, especially concerning age, ETS, the official body administering the TOEFL exam, has remained quite flexible. In fact, ETS has not delineated any hard and fast rules regarding an age limit or minimum age requisite for candidates. It's essential to note, though, that most candidates are around the age of 18 when they decide to take the test. That being said, no upper age constraint exists for those contemplating TOEFL Registration. This open-ended approach ensures that the TOEFL remains accessible to individuals from various age groups, thereby championing the principle that learning and demonstrating English proficiency shouldn't be bounded by age.

Who Can Take the TOEFL in the Philippines?

When considering the eligibility for TOEFL in the Philippines, ETS has set forth several general criteria. The key aspects of these criteria encompass age, qualifications, specific documents, and the requisite TOEFL eligibility score. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

Age & Qualifications:

  • A candidate appearing for the TOEFL exam should have successfully cleared the 10+2 level from a recognised Philippines Board or University.
  • If the aspirant is pursuing higher studies, they can still take the TOEFL exam to obtain their score.

Document Requirements:

  • Possession of a valid passport is paramount.
  • Adherence to specified photo requirements.
  • Necessary documents should be readily available during the test.

Specific Eligibility Conditions:

  • Numerous universities or institutions exempt certain international applicants from the TOEFL score. Such exemptions can be classified into:
  • Non-native speakers possessing degrees or diplomas from English-speaking nations such as the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Aspirants who've undertaken at least two years of study in English.
  • Those transferring from US or Canadian universities.
  • If an applicant is a non-native English speaker, they should have taken the TOEFL test within the past two years.
  • Non-native speakers who've pursued academic endeavours at English-medium institutions are also considered.

Number of TOEFL Attempts

You can take the TOEFL test multiple times, with no restrictions on the number of attempts. However, it's important to note that there must be a 12-day gap between two consecutive tests. This policy ensures that students have ample time to prepare and improve their skills before retaking the exam. Remember, each attempt at the TOEFL exam is a step closer to achieving your academic goals abroad.

Minimum TOEFL Score Requirements for Key Destinations

For Filipino students aiming to pursue higher education in English-speaking nations, grasping the essential minimum TOEFL score requirements is a vital step in their academic journey. These scores vary depending on the country and institution. Below is a table summarizing the typical minimum TOEFL scores for popular study destinations


Minimum TOEFL Score









New Zealand




The eligibility criteria for the TOEFL exam are your first steps towards international education and professional growth. Whether you're a bright-eyed student, a driven professional, or someone eager to master the English language, the TOEFL is your platform to shine. So, embrace these requirements not as mere formalities but as milestones on your exciting path to academic and professional excellence in the English-speaking world. Gear up, your global adventure awaits

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Yes, Filipino high school students are eligible to take the TOEFL.
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