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"It has come to my knowledge that Australia are popular for becoming rank 3rd for accommodating international students. In top 100 colleges of the world, several of them can be found in Australia that provides a high quality of education. In addition, it is known for having a multi- cultural society that will benefit in my personal and social development."

Eril Paul Panambo, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"Passing the PTE Academic test gave me confidence in my English language skills.  Learning English is very important since I will be using it everyday to express myself and communicate with others."

Loch Jeremy Montegro, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I was able to focus well on the test because it is purely computer-based.  I am more comfortable in taking this type of test than being face to face with an examiner.  This also guarantees that my scores are free of any potential bias."

Gerald Formaran, PHILIPPINES, PTE Academic test taker

"Booking the PTE Academic online was totally a breeze.  I am also grateful that there are a lot of options for the test dates.  I immediately booked the test when I found the perfect schedule."

Marian Luina Kaylind Fontanilla, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I look forward studying in Canada because aside from better equipment and facilities, I would also like to learn more about their culture and cuisine. This will add up to the number of cultures that I have been exposed to like the American and Asian food cuisine and culture. I also chose Canada over other developed countries like U.S. and Australia for a number of practical reasons. First, I can acquire a quality but more affordable education in terms of travel expenses compared to the countries mentioned above. Second, as I have already traveled and worked in the U.S., studying in Canada this time around will give me a diversity in perspective."

Jed Christian Agbayani, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"The services don’t end once you’ve purchased the PTE Academic voucher. AECC Global offers workshops/ coaching programs and scored practice tests with minimal fee in preparation for the actual exam. They also have partner review centers nationwide which is very convenient for the test takers."

Nikko Martin Sendon, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"Convenient online registration, single three-hour test session and fast results – these are just some of the factors why I chose PTE Academic. You can apply to your chosen university all within a few days!"

Frizal Munjil, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I didn’t want to fail my PTE Academic test that’s why I thoroughly prepared for it. Thanks to AECC Global’s PTE preparation workshop, I became familiar with the test format and gained valuable tips and strategies to ace the test."

Arthur Digman, PHILIPPINES, PTE Academic Test Taker

"I have personally chosen Diploma of Building Design as my pre-degree. I have a background in interior design but not enough knowledge in the design and construction of exterior structures. Having building design as my foundation program, this will introduce me to the basics of designing and constructing an exterior structure. This program will expose me into a different level of challenges that would precisely lighten my understanding on how building and construction works internationally, in terms of rules and regulations that involves safety, health and sustainability in designing and constructing a building, values and principles on professional conduct, new ways and different approach in detailing and construction."

Patricia Espiritu, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"PTE Academic is worth investing in.  I highly recommend it to those who are aiming to study, work or live abroad since it’s widely accepted around the world.  The result is accurate and it came in just a few days!""

Aileen Indolos, PHILIPPINES, PTE Academic test taker

"What I like about PTE Academic is that it evaluates different aspects such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a single sitting for three hours, making it 100% practical and worth it."

Grace Palanca, PHILIPPINES, PTE Overall Score – 62

"When I found out that AECC Global is offering a discounted PTE Academic voucher, I immediately grabbed it. The cost is cheaper compared to other English tests. It’s one of the reasons why I opted for PTE Academic.""

Don Jersey Baluyot, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"Awesome experience! It was really encouraging to achieve a high score in my first attempt. Because of my scores, I became more confident in submitting my visa and school applications."

Christian Francisco, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"PTE Academic has a great contribution to my success. The experience helped me assess the areas that I need to work on. It also made me realize the importance of learning the English language for real life situations. It was definitely worth every penny!"

Jamie Collado, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I didn't have a hard time completing my visa application because I  got one of the requirements right away - my PTE Academic English proficiency test results. And since it is accepted by the Australian government, my application was a success."

Eril Paul Panambo, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"At first I was hesitant to book the test because I’m afraid my schedule won’t match the available dates. Upon checking the website, it was quite a relief that PTE Academic offers several testing days and time. I was able to book a test at the most convenient time for me."

Raphael Joseph Oracion, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"PTE Academic assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing skills all via computer in just a single test session. There’s a timer on the screen, which shows the time remaining for each section of the test. Ample time was given to answer each item, and I finished the test in approximately three hours."

Havey Madarang, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I have no regrets in taking the PTE Academic as proof of my English proficiency. The thing I like most about the test is that it is purely computer based. They use an automated scoring system so I’m assured that my scores are accurate."

Nataniel Fredrick Purugganan, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I came to the test center with the determination and desire to achieve a good score. With confidence and enough practice, I was able to get my desired scores. I was able to answer the test items appropriately because the questions were based on real-life academic content."

Vittorio Alampay, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"The questions used in PTE Academic were taken from facts and from real life situations, which I can relate to.  I achieved a good score because I did not have a hard time understanding the questions."

Vanessa Marie Calimag, PHILIPPINES, PTE Overall Score: 66

Global Testimonial, Students

"I chose to study in Australia because it is well diverse country and known for having a high quality of education. Employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools because of its impressive international reputation. Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees especially in the field of health and sciences which Philippine universities cannot offer. Some of the things I like about Australia is its quality of scientific research that provides impressive technology and research resources."

Mae Claire Verame, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"With PTE Academic, I don’t have to worry about my scores. I am confident that my scores are 100% accurate because it is automated, and without bias of a human rater."

Krizel Danica Cocjin, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I was concerned regarding my PR visa application as my family was offshore. I am grateful to AECC Global team for providing continual support from skill assessment to facilitating our family visa application for PR. "

Donna Marie Bautista, Philippines, Student

"Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), which offers a course in Early Childhood Education and Care.  The institute has high quality education, which provides the most up -to-date techniques and effective teaching strategies, and I believe that is what I need to help me shape my career"

Jousel Ann Sudario, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"I took the PTE Academic test and achieved my desired score.  At first I thought it would be difficult, but I made it!  All thanks to AECC Global for paving the way for my success."

Jonathan Jesus Lopez, PHILIPPINES, PTE Academic Test Taker

"I have chosen Australia due to its flexible curriculum, it allows the foreign student to get in touch with the real environment and culture in Australia by giving them a permission to work for a limited amount of time per week or fortnightly, this is what impresses me as well, aside from the very good educational system the country has. "

Mercelle Bordador, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"I chose TAFE International Western Australia since it is among the high regarded institutions when it comes to hospitality management training. I chose TAFE over other institutions that offer the same program like the Edith Cowan University because TAFE has better facilities and instructions in the state of Western Australia. TAFE is also more focused to the specific line of study that I am planning to pursue.  "

Gio Gabriel Ocampo, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"I chose the PTE Academic because all Australian universities accept it. My high scores in the test led me to my dream university. Thank you, AECC Global for all the assistance!"

Franchezka Carungcong, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"Australia is one of the best options because it is recognized as one of the safest and friendliest study destinations in the world. The students feel at home and make new friends because of the great student support and services.  The best opportunities for international students are offered by Australia."

Kliff Richardson Casillan, AECC Global Makati

"Facilities for teaching, training and research are world-class in terms of state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, outstanding libraries and modern technology. Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. This system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country. A lot of international students are choosing Australia as a study destination because of its friendly, relaxed nature, exceptional education system, and high standard of living."

Maria Jonnah Clenista, Philippines, AECC Global Cebu

"I was always a shy kid growing up, I’d always stutter and stumble with my words when there is an activity or presentation. Currently I’m a bit better on my public speaking anxiety but I still want to improve. That’s why I’m planning to take on certificate IV in Business. With the subject like Business Communication, I think that this will help me develop my interpersonal skills so that I can feel more confident dealing with people. I am also looking forward to the subject like Marketing Principles since I’ve tackled it when I was an undergraduate student in Mapua University"

Juniver Enriquez, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"With the Master of Nursing Practice program, I will be able to fulfill my career goal. The program involves intensified clinical practice, which I believe is the best way to enhance one’s knowledge of the discipline. Activities which involve discussion of the global perspectives of nursing will equip me with knowledge to be a globally competitive nurse."

Fe Valerie Yu, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"As I have done my research, William Angliss Institute, stood out with the in-depth curriculum that they offer. Other factors such as, tuition fees, location, recognition and accreditation were also imperative. I found WAI to have a broader  and in-depth course, and with the accreditation and partnerships they have with hotel brands and    the Australian Government, it was deemed valuable. In addition, the instituteis only 4km away from my intended lodging address and is easily accessed by public transportation."

Andrew David Bagamasbad, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"I decided to study in Australia because it will give me an opportunity to gain invaluable experience with service establishments which are known for their high quality and exceptional customer service. I will be exposed to great restaurants and hotels learning first-class service along with training of cooking international cuisines. Like so, I will be able to have personal involvement with world-class chefs who apply their skills gained in their work experience in the demonstration kitchen."

Bryan Srimata, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"I was able to focus well on the test because it is purely computer-based.  I am more comfortable in taking this type of test than being face to face with an examiner.  This also guarantees that my scores are free of any potential bias."

Jan Isaac Borja, PHILIPPINES, PTE Academic test taker

"I am more confident when taking the test in front of a computer rather than talking to an examiner.  With PTE Academic’s computer-based system, I was able to focus on the test and get my desired score."

Saula Joanne Macarandang, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"One of the requirements for my visa application was the proof of English proficiency.  I chose the PTE Academic because I needed fast results.  True to their word, I got my results within five business days!"

Nicole Anne Gil, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"The best known country that offers this bridging study is Australia, hence, my priority selection of it. It is universally known that Australia is a hospitable country with a diversified society and culture which gives international students like me more opportunities to experience new things and step out of our comfort zone."

Abelorma Jimeno, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"University of Technology Sydney will certainly help me gain favourable knowledge and experience that can support me as I take on the challenge of continuing the family business which is my main reason for why I want to further improve my capabilities. I will use my newly gained knowledge to expand and diversify our business. Good thing about taking on an international qualification is it broadens my capabilities and does not limit my career path."

Ada Lynn Suan, Philippines, AECC Global Cebu

"The reason that I choose this Institute in Australia is that they have been providing quality education and training for over 25 years yet they still continue to grow and innovate to help their students and future students to start their career journey. The school offers a high quality business courses which made them popular and well respected school not only in Australia but around the world as well"

Urace Raoul Gopela, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"My dream of becoming an international student in Australia is finally happening! Thanks to PTE Academic and AECC Global! The quick processing of test results made it possible for me to complete my requirements in just a short span of time."

Marlon Brando Camilo, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

"I chose Deakin University because it is one of the top schools in the world according to Times Higher Education and their nursing school is on top 24 in the world based on World University Ranking (research dated last year 2017). Some friends of mine that underwent study in Deakin University had very good reviews about the school. They said that they have all the facilities that a student will need, with a very good community for international students like me."

Paula Jeramay Sandoval, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"One of the university’s top attributes that draws both local and international students alike, myself included, is its ability to harmonize a people of different background, culture, and language in a way that creates a network of academic and social excellence and understanding, using each and every one’s individuality as an advantage to create something remarkable."

Joana Rose Nacional, Philippines, AECC Global Makati

"I immediately took the test when I find found out that PTE Academic is now accepted by 100% of New Zealand universities.  I believe it’s also one of the keys to the success of my New Zealand student visa application."

Alvin Tolentino, PHILIPPINES, New Zealand Student Visa

"I want to have the professional qualifications needed to teach, not only in English but on other areas of learning as well. I want to leave a mark on the lives of others and what better way to start than from the foundation years of a child. Early childhood education and childcare is essential for every community. Growing up in a small yet developing city in the Philippines, I haven’t seen much daycare schools that are of great teaching quality as compared to those in Australia. At a young age, I have always been fascinated with child psychology and development. As my knowledge in this field grew so did my curiosity on the effects of the cultures, communities, families and relationships towards growing children."

Mary Isabel Meneses, Philippines, AECC Global Cebu

"I had no prior experience with the PTE Academic, but I was still able to understand how the test works.  I recommend getting the PTE voucher from AECC Global because they are offering it at a discounted price!"

Kenny Jeff Estologa, PHILIPPINES, Student Visa for Australia

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